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Monday, 4 June 2012

Nail art Brushes from Bornpretty store

I got these brushes from Born Pretty Store,
  If you like you can buy them here, Their shipping, packaging and everything is great.

1. The fan Brushes Can create the background of the nail art wonderfully by mixing blending and layering colours.

 2. The Stroke Brushes Can paint the background of the nail easily and can be used to blend colours and even to draw. As a special use, you can remove the unwanted nail polish from your cuticles..

 3. The Angel Brushes The angle shape makes it easier to draw small items like flower petals easy And can be used to remove excess polish from cuticles too

 4. The Striper Brushes You can draw stripes of any length with these brushes. 1. The small dotting tool. Create small, cute dots 2. Flower petal brush. Great to draw petals 3. The drawing brush. Has a fine tip and can easily draw. And finally, The most wonderful drawing brush in the whole set. The Bended drawing brush.

Finally, I must say that the 15 pcs nail art brushes are really wonderful and with a little creativity and practice they can make you a nail art professional. You can buy them from here Bornpretty store discount coupon :  

MLE10W21, you can use it for a 10% discount till Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. I was tempted by these last time I ordered. I think I'll get them next time!


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