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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Benefit New dandelion a brightening face powder

Salam , Hey :)

Today i am giving review on  Benefit New dandelion a brightening face powder. This classic ballerina pink finishing powder takes your complexion from dull to radiant in an instant.

Benefit says, "Finely spun with delicate mauves and pinks, this exquisite brightening face powder leaves a petal like finish."

I just love the pink blush because it gives the natural look.  I haven't used it as a brightening face powder as I have been using it as a blush. Although it seems to make my complexion brighter because it gives such a pretty glow on my cheeks.

I usually rant about applicators that come with the product but this brush really works with the blush! :) It is not scratchy and picks up a decent amount every time I swipe it on the blush. It is also very compact and pretty. 

                                               I find this box sturdy and cute. :)

  •  It is a matte blush.
  • The blush has a very delicate feminine like scent which does not bother me.

Why we love it

This sheer ballerina pink finishing powder with a subtle shimmer takes your complexion from dull to radiant in an instant! To perk up throughout the day, dust on cheeks or all over face. Soft, natural-bristle blush brush included.

How to Apply

Sweep the brush across the powder and tap off any excess. Brush lightly on to the apples of your cheeks in an outward motion toward the hairline. For the final touch, lightly brush all over face.


8.0 Net wt. 0.28 oz.

Note. Its my personal purchase. Its not original. Its copy of benefit New dandelion a brightening face powder.

I bought it in $9.


  1. hmm nice review love the product

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  3. thanks for your comment:)
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  4. For a copy it looks exactly like the original. Wow. I love Benefit powders. :D

  5. This is a very pretty color.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog!


  6. The color is beautiful. I think this would suit a variety of skintones since the color is so natural :)

  7. lovely review


  8. Love the color!

    Followed you back..

  9. good review. it could have fooled me - didn't realise it was a copy! ;-)

  10. the color is gorgeous!

  11. I love this stuff! I am currently using this in my summer makeup bag. I think it’s nice and light for summer, and so pretty. Great review xx


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