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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Color Studio Nail Polishes

We needed:
Color studio Sunkissed nail polish and moonson
Black nail polish
Silver Glitter nailpolish
A zero sizer bursh
A fixer

First of all apply sunkissed nailpolish in zig zag manner on half of nail.Then apply black nail polish with the help of zero size bursh.
Then apply moonson color studio nailpolish on remaning part with the help of nail polish bursh.
Then apply silver nail polish on upper part of nail.
In last apply fixer.:)

Why i preferred color studio nail polish?
1) Its liquid consistent not thick
2) Its better than luscious because luscious nail polish bursh not smooth and bursh lines appear on nails.
3) Its price Rs 250.
4) Its available in many colors bright to light.
5)  Its easy to remove with the help of nail polish remover, i have tried diva too red color dont spread after removing on sides of nail.
6) Nail polish adds beauty to nails.
7) two codes of nail polish enough to get desired color.

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Hina Naz

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