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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Eid Ul Azha Celebrations with my friends

    I am celebrating Eid with my best friends Maryam and Ayesha. Maryam gifted me this dress for Eid. :) I love to celebrate Eid with them.

I am enjoying alot with my friends.

Here in Lahore its really great to enjoy at Night.

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims. Stay happy and enjoy :)

Saturday, 20 October 2012


CreaNails are the latest in nail polish application. The nail stencils comfortably fit your fingers allowing you to apply nail polish with ease! Even with your left hand! No more unwanted nail polish. Now you can get professional nail polish in just minutes. 
  • 26 Pieces & 10 Sizes - Many sizes to fit each finger
  • 32 French Strips - For precise french application
 CreaNails- Apply nail polish with Ease!

  • Perfect nails every time
  • Save time and money
  • Make applying with your left hand easy
  • Easy to use
  • Reusable
  • Create french nails
  • 26 pieces 
  • 10 Sizes and 6 bonus popular sizes to fit all fingernail sizes
  • 32 French guided strips for french tips
  • Comfortable curved shape
  • Made of Polypropylene
  • Durable and last for years
  • Instructions included
  • Made in China, Patent Pending
  • No more harsh chemicals needed to remove
 Once you have found the template which is a perfect fit for each nail then you can write the sizes down on the size tracker on the inside of the package.

 Great perfect nails at home, every time with the professional CreaNails nail polish application tool.  You get 10 sizes for each hand, plus an extra 6 pieces of the most popular sizes. Treat yourself to beautiful healthy look nails. As a bonus it includes french guide strips for the perfect french- tip look. Great for quick and easy applications any time any place. 

                                         I am having short nails now a days.:(

It just amazing. Now no need to go parlour for nail polish application. The templates are made from a durable plastic and once you have used the template all you have to do is grab some nail polish remover and a q-tip or cotton bud and wipe away the stray polish.Its as easy as that! You can reuse them over and over again.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Soft Touch - Skin Tonic

Hello Girls,
               Today I am giving reviewing on Skin Tonic. It distinctly different and especially formulated skin tonic removes last traces of cleanser and leaves skin feeling refreshed.

  • Works twice as hard to give you clean, noticeably clear and beautiful skin.

  •  Soft fragrance.
  • It comes in plastic bottle with press button on its lid.
  • It contains active tea tree oil.

  •  Its easily available.
  • Price Rs 60.
  • 120 ml.

How to use:
                 Apply skin tonic with cotton wool to revitalize skin process and restore the natural pH. Apply moisturising lotion which acts as a barrier protecting from the elements, pollution and normalizes moisture content.
Indeed I am loving it, Its really effective.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

LOFTY - Medicated Acne & Pimples Mud Mask

       Today I am giving review on LOFTY - Medicated Acne & Pimples Mud Mask. Its best for oily skin. I am using it on regular basis. Its

  • Anti - inflametry
  • Anti - bacterial

  •  It controls acne and blemishes.

  • pH balanced.
  • Alcohol free.

  •  Medicated acne & pimple mask regulates oil secretion and absorbs excess oil, so that no more black-head and white-head develop on skin. At the same it increases blood circulation in capillaries to enhance skin natural immunity against germs.

               Squeeze out a small quantity on hand and apply it on the face with pad or forefingers in uniform thick layers. After drying wash with plenty of water. Remove traces with toner.

  •  150 ml.
  • Price Rs. 170.
  • Its best for oily skin.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Cream

Hello Girls,
                Today I am giving review on one of very famous beauty cream that is Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Cream. Its perfect day cream. It result awesome. It best for all types of skin. Its my favourite day cream.

But I really appreciate the Fair & Lovely cream.
I am using it, its perfect for my skin.

My Thought:
                  It provides skin benefits in the form of improvement of skin texture and lightening of skin. It gets absorbed into the skin as soon as you rub it in gently. Fair & Lovely avoids leaving oily look. Fair & Lovely says that their products are suitable for all skin types and are not known to have any side effects. It does not having and side effects. I am using it on regular basis. Its my best day cream, I used to mix BB-Cream in it and apply on my face and gets perfect results. 

Rs. 180