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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

L'oreal True Match Roll On Foundation

Today I am giving review on my favourite foundation L'oreal True Match Roll On Foundation. The reason why I liked this foundation at the start was because it was cream foundation and also the sponge roller made it really easy to apply on my face. The colour matched my face really well.

  •  You can easily achieve perfectly even coverage without any streaks or makeup mistakes. Give your complexion the results it deserves – velvety finish, natural-looking flawlessness, ultra-even skin tone. Because you are worth it. 

  •  Roll’ On True Match Perfecting Roll’ On Foundation works in two unique ways:-

    1. Stretch Formula
    A balanced formula that gives you excellent coverage. It contains the ideal concentration of pigments, which helps to unify your complexion. Containing oils and gliding agents that stretch the finest layer of foundation over your skin, Roll’ On True Match Perfecting Roll’ On Foundation’s Stretch Formula ensures a velvety finish. Not only that, thanks to its soft focus elastomers, this innovative foundation hides imperfections so easily and so naturally.

    2. Roll’ On Applicator
    It is easy and even application. The flexible Roll’ On Applicator seamlessly applies the perfect amount of makeup for smooth, even coverage and the ultimate airbrushed finish. 

My Thought:
                   Its replica. Its perfect color for my complextion. It gives natural look to my skin. Its having creamy texture. I love the idea of roll on. The roller easily glides over skin. 

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  1. Great review!! I haven't tried this foundation yet. :)

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  3. Nice idea for roll on indeed. Seems like a cool product. :)
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  5. Looks adorable,love!Happy holidays!

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  7. Looks like an awesome foundation...I'm almost out of mine so will definitely check this one out when I go to replenish! I just followed you through GFC (I'm on bloglovin) I don't know if it went through, if not please please let me know and I will try again! Thanks so much.

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  10. The roll on applicator looks cool! Anyway, Happy Holidays to you! Have a good one. :)

    Anna Biotic


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