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Friday, 18 January 2013

Ponds Flawless White Triple Shietd UV black Cream

Hello Girls!
               Today I am giving review on one of my favourite day skin care product. I am using it on regular basis. Pond's flawless white perfect for day skin care.

  • It protects the skin by UV rays.
  • It helps to remove spots & freckles.
  • It restores the skin.

  • I used to mix my BB-cream in it then apply it on my face.
  • Its naturally exfoliate the skin.

  • The cream is milky white.
  • Its makes skin white too.

  • I used to apply face powder after this.
  • Don't use it, if you having oily skin.
  • If you really want to get flawless look then must try this.
To Use:
Apply it after cleansing the face. Smooth over the skin by finger tips.  It will make the skin complextion fair with the regular use. Don't forget to apply face powder after this, that will give a gorgeous look to your skin.

  • Price Rs 300


  1. Great review! Looks like a really interesting cream, I'm especially loving the spf!

  2. I used it too. Great review. Thanks for following. And oh I just followed you, too.


  3. i follow you back =D your blog is great =D

  4. Hello dear! Nice blog!<3
    I think we should follow each other. what do you say ? kisses dear

  5. Hello!
    Thank you for your following!
    I follow you back, and follow in Facebook.
    If you want, you can follow me in facebook :p
    Pretty blog!
    Have a nice day, Kisses :*

  6. I use Ponds Clarant B3 and it works well. Ponds has been around for a while now.

  7. I have one Pinds and i love it :)

    Following you now :)


  8. anything with SPF is good in my book :) everyone says it's the key to great skin...


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