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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Crossed thin-belt behind zipper wedge heel sandals black

Girls! Hope you all doing well. Today I am reviewing on shoes. Its my first post on shoes. Its beautiful Crossed thin-belt behind zipper wedge heel sandals black. I got this one for review purpose by lovelywhosale.com

  •  Item # MZ16865543-3
  • Weight 1.125 Kg
  • Color Black
  • Size 38
  • Price $ 12.99

  •  Heel height 3 cm.

  •  I got this pracel within 3 weeks.

  •  I can usually wear size 8 in most shoes but in this case it little bit loose too me. That is not a issue I have asked from Stylo outlet they said they will adjust it by stiching  one of strip. :)

  •  Cross straps look really elegent.
  • The wedge is of medium size. It balanced shoes.

  •  The sole is comfortable.
  • The sole and insole flexible.

  •  You can see the material of the shoes in closeup picture.

  • The price is well suited to the quantity.
  • The wedge heel gives more stability to the shoes.
  • Its not so much durable.
My Rating:3/5


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  2. Lovely shoes!

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  5. I love the Shoes, so nice!!!

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