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Friday, 15 February 2013

Mineral Hygienics Starter Kit

I got chance to review on Mineral Hygienics Starter Kit. It comes in beautiful pink pouch. I got parcel in 5 days. 

Here is a look what I got:

  • Fairy Light Foundation
  • Light Foundation
  • Radiant
  • 1 Kabuki Brush

  • These two foundation colors are perfect for natural look.
  • It blends easily.

What it says on the website:
The benefits of Mineral Hygienics include:

 - chemical free sun protection
- safe for all skin types
- water resistance
- non-Comedogenic, Non-Acnegenic, Anti-inflammatory
- younger looking skin

  •  Its a perfect brush to apply all these products. 
  • Its big enough to cover quickly.
  • I feel comfort by its size. Because its small size gives a good grip.

  • I am enjoying using mineral makeup. I am loving Mineral Hygienics Starter Kit. Its super easy to use.
  • It comes in little pots so its easy to carry in bag.
  • Some holes on which makes easier to control the amount of product that comes out.
  • Blending is so much easy with the help of kabuki brush.
  • It gives flawless look.
So many dust off while applying it. :(

Visit their website Mineral Hygienics.


  1. Great review , you are very specific & professional when describing products , i like that in a beauty blogger ,

    Following you with GFC back


  2. I've never heard of that but it looks awesome!


  3. Great review, you have a lovely blog, followed you and I hope you follow me too.


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  5. great post ! really interesting ! xx


  6. cool, beautiful colors.:)

    kisses from Poland

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