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Friday, 26 April 2013

lenscircle.com - 3 tone Geo World Grey Lens

This is first time I am giving comprehensive review on lenses. I am damn excited.  Let me tell you first I don't wear circle lens regularly. Occasionally wear them. I got a chance to review the circle lens; I picked up grey one with 3 tone. I got package within 10 days. It was looking amazing in pictures.

Diameter:14 mm
Price. $ 17.90
Water Content: 38%

  Its comes in a beautiful pouch. The lenses were wrapped in bubble envelop. Leopard print pouch was beautiful. Here inside the pouch there were lenses, lens case and lens care instruction.

  • Lenscircle.com is amazing site as they are offering variety of lenses.

  •  Its beautiful grey color.
  • Its really comfortable lens.
  • 14mm diameter exactly match.
  •  I have worn them 12 hours approximate; no irritation.
  • In start I felt like burnt in eyes; after splash of water; i felt comfort.

  •  It looks cool.
  • I am wearing mascara by ellis Faas and eye liner by naked Minerals.

About World Series:
World Series is the tri color lens that blends shades of different color and the brown in the middle in order to imitate the natural eye color. The printing also blends in the natural eye color, resulting in not too vibrant, but definitely noticeable, even from afar. World Grey is recommended for people who want to change the color of their eyes, but do not want any enlargement effect.

My Thought:
Its exactly best for regular wearing. It does not create any irritation. Really comfortable. Pretty natural. Its my best pick so far. thank you circlelens.com for giving me opprtunity to review on such amazing lenses.I love the pattern of lenses. I would definately recoomend you to try this. 5/5

All the pictures taken by me.



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