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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Sandal Soap - Saeed Ghani

Today I am gonna review a beauty soap. Its Sandal soap by Saeed Ghani.  Its 100% pure. It contains natural sandal oil. Before this I have never tried this. Its having beautiful sandal wood fragrance.  Its traditional intensive beauty care. 

  •  It help s to reduce skin problem such as acne, pimples or black heads.

Natural Sandalwood Soap Benefits:-

-Sandalwood is widely used for its properties:
-Makes the skin supple and flawless
-Soothes the skin
-Anti-bacterial property
-Fights body odour

  •  Its beautifully packed in green pouch. Then plastic bag is also there to save it from humidity.

  • Its net weight 150g.
  • Its price Rs. 250.
  • It is made from pure sandal wood and it helps to remove pre-mature wrinkles and aging lines and also gives fair complexion. 

  • Its round shape easy to use while washing face.

Sandal Soap is a smooth light-brown soap that cleans without stripping off the natural moisture in your skin. Using sandalwood oil, the world's most exotic natural perfume, it enhances the beauty and suppleness of the skin. Its rich creamy lather and mild natural perfume keeps the body refreshed all day long.

  • It has no side effects.
  • Soap color is light brown.
  • It cleans the skin very well.
  • It leaves the skin smooth.
  • Its good for oily skin.
  • I am using it on regular basis, i am having oily skin so its perfect for me.
  • I have got tremendous result.
I didn't find any con's. Smell may be pungent for others. But I really love the sandal wood fragrance. 

Must try this, If you having acne or pimples. It works. I can say this with full trust, I have tried this for 3 weeks; and it works. :)

www.saeedghani.pk or join them on facebook.

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  1. It seems great ! and I love the secent of sandal wood so it would be perfect for me i think :)

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    Have a nice day :)

    xx Su http://fashiontwinstinct.blogspot.de/

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  4. It looks great!


  5. Great review... I will surely want to try the products.
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  6. Thx for the lovely comment;) I'm gonna look at your blog right now:)

  7. Sounds like a nice gift to give for the holidays.
    Thanks for sharing.


  8. my first time heard of this brand. followed yr blog too.

  9. Hi, Very nice post Sandalwood soaps are a very good remedy for skin care, it glows and keeps the skin fresh in natural way.

  10. it has coconut oil.. so will not it effect facial hairs or to grow facial hairs
    .???? and it is for dry skin


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