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Monday, 19 May 2014

Wishtrend - [EYECANDY] Rainbow Volume S Brush

Today I am reviewing a hair brush which I got by wishtrend.com. As I got I was really amused to see its design and colorful S curl wave.  I got my package within 2 weeks. Rainbow Volme S Brush will make your hair

to be max volume and full-filling !

 It comes in sturdy packing. I am loving its funky packing.


All Hair Type (Wave Hair)
Volume : 1 EA
Made in Korea

       Liking the styling rainbow patterns.

 + Natural Volume Styling.

+ Gently protect scalp.

+ Back Mirror.

No more breaking and dried hair.

Volume styling with only combing a once.

Its too easy to use it.

              Its having soft bristles.

S curve colorful bristles easily penetrates the hair.

Its price $ 9.98.

Its Rainbow S bristles add volumes to hair.

Bristles massage the scalp well.

About Brush:
  • Back mirror for convenience.
  • Stand by brush.
  • S- Curl wane.
  • Velvet coating material.

  • Best thing its grip hold is good.
  • It does not stuck in hair.
  •  I can remove the tangles of hair easily without any stimulation with it.
  • With soft combing I can stimulate scalp.
  • Its natural volume styling.
  • It helps to maintain the hair style.

  • Its round tip pins massage my scalp nicely.
  • Its travel friendly hair brush.
  • My hair felt so smooth and shiny after brushing my hair with it.

  • I am having long hair so it works good.
  • Back mirror helps me to see my style.
  • I keep this brush in my handbag as I can see my makeup too in back mirror. ;)

My Thought:
  • It adds volume.
  • I am loving this.
  • Its too good volume brush.
  • It works great.
  • It can standalone. As my old one can't.
  • S bristles are of good quality.
  • Bristles work as good massager.
  • Thanks to Wishtrend, it gives me smooth and tangle free hair without hair fall.
  • It does not irritate my hair.
  • It works on all type of  hair.

May be You Don't Like this brush Because;
  • Its not easily available.

Click to buy www.Wishtrend.com

Note: All pictures are taken by me.


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  2. Que bonito cepillo, muy original.

  3. very cute ♥

    thank you and followed back.


  4. ohh that looks like such a fun brush and I'm glad that it works well also!

  5. OMG!!!!! soooo cute!


  6. its that from korea?? omg its really cutee rainbow hair brush..<3
    good review!
    and thanks for comment on my blog, im following you back ^^

  7. I love the brush, it has such a cute design! Thanks for sharing :)

    xo, Dolce
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