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Monday, 23 June 2014

Saeed Ghani ~ Herbal Zafrani Ubtan

I am in love with Saeed Ghani's products; because they carry natural ingredients. I have never tried ubtan before. As I got this started using it. After 10 days use I became ready to write post. As they have launched their new products; its one of them. 

Its comes in this packing form. You need to open it with scissor. 
I am having oily skin so it a lively product for my skin.

Zafran (Saffron) Benefits for Skin:
It helps to get glowing skin.
It removes the tan.
It helps to tone the skin.
It helps to get rid of acne.
It adds brightness to skin.

There is reusable lock which you have cut, and there are marks where to cut/ tear. if you have cut it at these marks you can save the product after opening by opening the lock and re lock.

Rs. 200 (Approximate $2.00) its price.
It will long last as its 100g.

Take 1 tea spoon of ubtan and mix it in water (rosewater) to make a fine paste then gently massage it on face and neck area. 5 minutes are enough to get smooth skin.
Don't rub harshly.

My Thought:
I am using it on alternative days from last 10 days.
It helps to remove dead skin.
Natural ingredients in it.
Easily available all over Pakistan.
No side effects.
Its for all types of skin.
Rs. 200 of net 100 grams.
Grains in it are so small that does not harsh skin.
It bests for oily skin.
It removes the oil and dirt from skin.
It adds brightness.

May Be You Don't Like It:
Results are not long lasting.
After washing face; yellow staining.

For Dry Skin Users:
Add 2-3 drops of glycerin in it.

For Oily Skin Users:
Add water or rose water in it.

International fans can buy from Kharidar.pk & daraz.pk.
Pakistani fans can ask about outlet by Saeed Ghani's facebook Page.

                                                       © All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise.


  1. It's so cool how saffron is so useful medicinally!! I have such bad acne and I just might try finding this in Manila! :D

  2. If it's natural and organic, I'd definitely go for it...I never knew saffron can also benefit our skin in that way though.

  3. Such a noticeable difference it is imparting to your face :)

  4. It looks effective and aids in replacing dead skin cell in the body.

  5. ooh interesting post! didn't know that saffron could be used as face remedy! thanks for sharing :D


  6. Hmmm this is interesting stuff. As I age I have been on the lookout for a natural scrub to help exfoliate and this is one I will need to research more of. Thank you!

  7. wow, I've never seen saffron used for facial exfoliation, but it looks effective!
    I'm following you on GFC now too :)
    ♥ vivian | seattleite fashionista

  8. Love this article.i used to try some tips for skin tone Thanks for sharing

  9. looks interesting. how does it taste at first???

  10. wow the price is good. I've been using chocolate scrub every week. have to try this for a change....

  11. it's the first time i heard of saffron and the packaging looks like it's some food seasoning hehe >XD how does it smell and are the yellow stains washable?

  12. If it can remove acne then many will love to use it.

  13. wow what a great before and after photo you got there.

  14. I thought saffron is only used for cooking! Great to hear it has other uses too.

  15. Nice and ever ready herbal product. Hope for more products in the future.

  16. I always thought saffron was just a spice you used for cooking. It's nice to know it's good for the skin too. I just don't like the yellowing

  17. This looks like a great and useful product for the skin, are they available internationally?

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