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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Mini Haul By JustPureMinerals.com

Today I am reviewing products which I have purchased by Just Pure Minerals. I am huge fan of minerals makeup. You can easily buy it from esty.

 Just Pure Minerals offers 100% vegan cosmetics, made in small batches, free of synthetic preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, nano-particles, and synthetic dyes found in other cosmetics.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin -  We avoid ingredients (even natural ones!) that can cause irritation.
100% Vegan - We create luxurious products with ingredients that nurture your skin, and without a whole list of ingredients still used by other cosmetic companies that aren’t vegan, and can be harmful to your health.
Never Animal Tested - Our products leave you glowing with good health and good karma.

Aruba Lipstick
Gabrielle Lipstick
Lemon Balm
3 sample size lipstick of Cha Cha, Natallia & Mambo

Gabrielle Vegan Lipstick is a cool, somewhat sheer, mauve-y pink. It coordinates nicely with cooler toned and neutral blushes.
Aruba Vegan Lipstick is a light pink with subtle shimmer. It coordinates nicely with neutral toned and cooler toned blushes.

Its sheer & shimmery balm.
It adds lightness.
It gives lively look to lips.

Lemon Balm on my lips

My Thought:
I am loving all natural colors.
Their owner is so sweet and friendly.
Lipstick is of $ 10.40 each.
Lip Balm is of $ 3.49.
Its best for occasional wear during day.
It easily glides over lip.
Gives lighter look to lips.
It moisturized my lips.
Staying power is 2-3 hours.
Its having peppermint flavor.
As I applied it on my lips, I felt intense minty tingle for 2- 3 minutes.

Click to buy JustPureMinerals

                 © All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise.


  1. Nice shades and I can image that they taste delishous too ... I have decided to follow you. ..leaving my link loudthinkin.blogspot.in

  2. The shades look really lovely, and I always prefer to go for organic products. =)

  3. Hey thats great dear about lipsticks ,, really nice and awesome

  4. I also love mineral products.. However, upon my observation, the lipsticks you have there are not that pigmented.. Or maybe you love those kind of shades? :D

  5. love this mineral make up! i want to have one! :) - kaycee

  6. I love Aruba abn Gabriel lipsticks, they make your lips juicy and luscious, I must search for them here and buy some cause I love the effect you achieved!

  7. I like it that you tried all the swatches and show us the difference. I prefer the lighter colour ones as the brown ones make the person look older or more solemn...

  8. Great review .. I like the Aruba Lipstick. They look like they can be worn all day without making you look too "done up". I'm curious to know how you like the scents .. Natural or Vegan Products tend to smell a bit "earthy".

  9. You are really passionate about beauty products. I think you're beautiful beauty Drugs! i admire your style and choices.

  10. I think my wife will like these colors. And the fact that they're 100% really sounds good for sensitive skin.

  11. More natural based makeup is always the better way to go especially if you have sensitive skin! Your haul looks super pretty and perfect for everyday wear! :D

  12. Nice haul specially those lipsticks. Beauty products that are free of synthetic preservatives is good for the skin.

  13. being a man i do not know much about these stuff but I think Aruba is a prefect match for your juicy lips :_)

  14. Your lips are really well treated with your haul. It also comes in different tones for all occasions.

  15. Natallia looks nice~ Will recommend this product to my gf :D hehe thanks for the information

  16. These are very pretty colors and they look good on the lips without being overbearing. I love the hint of color in them.

  17. The Aruba looks natural. But in lipstick I prefer the color pink - KarenT

  18. I liked Natalia among those lippies you tried. Sadly, I like more pigmented lippies so I don't like that they look sheer.

  19. It looks perfect on you. My wife would love this.

  20. Great post!
    I like your blog! Would you like to follow each other?


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