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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Excitement for Pakistan Super League & PSL T-Shirts

The Pakistan Super League is a T20 professional cricket league sponsored by Habib Bank Limited for the first three years. The league will be held every year and the playoff champion will be awarded at the end of the season. The inaugural season of the league will have 5 participating teams where every team will represent a different city. However, future plans of the league comprises of expanding the team to a 10-team cricket league in the coming five years. The tournament will be held in Dubai and Sharjah cricket stadiums.

The league will draw highly skilled cricket players from across the world and presently players from 10 different countries have signed for the league. However, Pakistani players comprise a major percentage of the players in the league. There will be 80 players including 25 internationally known players will be a part of the tournament which holds $1,000,000 as its winning amount. Teams from Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Islamabad will take part in the league.The names of the five teams participating in the tournament are:
·         Islamabad United
·         Karachi Kings
·         Lahore Qalandars
·         Quetta Gladiators
·         Peshawar Zalmi

You can support your team by buying T-Shirts of your favorite team which is available online in Pakistan at PakStyle which is a leading T-Shirts Online Shopping destination in Pakistan. Place your order today and be a part of the grand Pakistani Cricket tournament.

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Airpufs High Heel Insoles


Today I am reviewing on Airpufs High Heel Insoles which are quite unique in nature. I am excited to try this. I love to wear heels so found it interesting. 

What Company says about it :)
To help women everywhere rekindle their romance with their most beautiful shoes.
Born 35,000ft in the air, Airpufs is a single girl's crusade to end the tyranny of beautiful but painful shoes. A globetrotting shoe collector by profession*, she realized her delicate heels transformed into instruments fit for the torture chamber after a mere 2 hours of wear**.
Determined not to succumb to life 3 inches shorter in flats, our heroine scoured the world for solutions to her footwear woes, recruiting a bevy of colleagues, friends and family as guinea pigs. After a period of test driving insoles with the zeal of Edison searching for lightbuld filament, she discovered a magical material*** that could tame even the most stubbornly painful of heels. Thus, Airpufs was born...So that women everywhere could live happily ever after with their beautiful shoes.

These are adhesive strips. Reusable. 

My Thought:
Available in pretty prints.
Peel off the side and stick it inside sole.
I feel like waling on clouds.
Material is so soft.
$16 each.
It works on all type of soles.
You can use it 6-8 times.

Click to buy Airpufs

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Olor Pakistan 24 Hours Active Deodrant

Olor Pakistan recently launched these amazing fragrances. They have sent the following three for review purpose. I love Olor because of there sweet fragrances. 

Bottles look amazing.

                                                                I got;
                                                             Vibrant Violet
                                                          Glamorous Gold
                                                           Rosy Raspberry

These bottles are simply eye catching. Unbreakable bottle with plastic cap. It smells like natural ingredients. 

                                                          Vibrant Violet

Vibrant violet is mixture of Iris and Black Currant. Its bottle color is simply amazing. Its feminine fragrance. I am loving this because of its stronger fragrance.

                                                              Glamorous Gold
Vibrant violet is mixture of Lilac & Amber. Its my favorite. It  smells great. Very much                          catch  smell. I am in love with it. Its not very much strong.

    Rosy Raspberry
Its again a sweet fragrance. Its mixture of Raspberry and Vanilla. Vanilla is my love. Its                                   having pleasant fragrance. Its bit stronger.


150ml in each bottle.
Price between 150-180.
                                                 Click to buy Olor Pakistan

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wishlist on Dresslink


Dresslink is my all time favorite place to buy online stuff on economic prices. I am really willing to buy these items in 2016 inshAllah :) Its reliable place and you can buy easily all stuff which you want to buy.

Best thing you can compare  this site price with other websites. Its price are reasonable.


                      Electric Straightening Comb Hot Brush  US$ 7.53

Material: PET/PPS/PAEE
Type: Hair Comb
Model: FH-908
Hair Type: straighten hair
3 Colors: White, Pink, Black
Gender: Unisex
Plug type: EU/US/UK/AU Plug
Rated power: 29W
Rated voltage: 100-230V 50/60HZ
Frequency: 100-230V 50/60HZ
Pro available temp control: 60-230���
Comb size: 26.5 x 7cm/10.3 x 2.7inch( L X W )
Packaging Size: 33 x 11 x 5.5cm/ 12.9 X 4.3 X 2.1inch( L X W X H)

Tangle Detangling Massage Hair Brush $ 1.90

Body Material: ABS
Bristles Material: TPEE
Color: Purple/Pink
Dimension: 11.8 x 7 x 4.5cm/4.6 x 2.7 x 1.8inch (L x W x H)
Ergonomic, comfortable
Suitable for all hair types.
Can be used for both dry hair or wet hair
Flexible bristles, decreases presence of split end's, anti-static, detangle your hair.
Special bristles design, detangle your hair easily and gently.
Light-weighted and portable.

Portable Brush $ 1.46

Material: Plastic and Synthetic Hair
Color: Black
Length: 15cm/ 5.9inch
Brush Hair Length: 3.3cm/ 1.3inch
Shape: Toothbrush
Quantity: 1pc
Application: Face
Use For: Blusher, Cream, Powder
Ideal For: Home, Professional
Function: Makeup

Faux Fur Vest Gilet Vset Jacket  $5.69

Material: Faux Fur
Color: Gray
Weaving products, slight hair loss is normal!
5 Sizes available

Must visit Dresslink

Monday, 18 January 2016

Jewellery Buying Guide


Humans have been making the use of jewellery since times begin. It was either used to mark one’s social status or to pay respect to someone by gifting him a special piece of jewellery or gem. From simple seashell necklaces to intricate designs of gold and diamond jewellery available today, humans have really out-done themselves in a particularly short span of time.

Ladies Pearl Bali  Rs. 499 ( $4.99)

Nowadays, the process of making jewellery is not as difficult as choosing it – especially if you are insanely in love with it! So here’s a little guide that’ll help all the jewellery lovers as well as the newbies out there.
Step one – investigate about the latest jewellery trends!

Gold Plated Bangles  Rs. 499 ($4.99)

Yes, that’s the most important step. You cannot wear something that went off season last summer. Search for the season’s look: pearls, beads, stones, or dangling earrings maybe? But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away last season’s precious jewellery. Keep it. A few months later, it’ll be ‘in’ again. 

Step two – decide what kind of jewellery you need.
You can go for simple fashion jewellery paired with your platinum or silver ring for going out with your girlfriends or at work. No need to over-do stuff by loading yourself with lots of gold. I must say, even desi aunties don’t go for that look now. In Pakistan, you can buy amazing fashion jewellery off the internet in no time.

Step three – see what draws attention to your face.

Stylish Ladies Bali

If you have a long face, you don’t need dangling earrings. You can go for hoops or small gem earrings that’ll draw more attention to your beautiful face and not your face’s length.Don’t forget about your hands in the mean process. Buy elegant rings and bangles to complete the look.

Step four – know the jewellery basics.
In order to protect yourself from getting scammed, you must know the following few things about gemstones, pearls and fine metal jewellery.

·        Gemstones: After diamonds, emerald, ruby and sapphire are considered the most precious gems. Their hardness levels are 7.5 – 8, 9 and 9respectively. Though pure gems are quite rare to find, moderately-included gems work just as fine and add a vivid spark to your jewellery.
·        Pearls: Organic stones available in a variety of colours, though white ones are more crowd-pleasing than the others. They look very elegant and womanish. Their quality can be determined by their luster, texture (near to flawless would be great), shape (round pearls are more expensive), size and colour. Scam tip - Fake pearls weigh less than real ones and appear grainy under magnifying glass.
·        Fine metal jewellery: This thing mainly needs experience! While 24 karat is the purest form of gold, it can’t be used to make jewellery alone as it’s too soft. Gold less than 10K is not even near to quality gold. Platinum on the other hand, is more expensive than gold and is a lot stronger; so it’s generally use in its pure form. Silver is often alloyed with copper to form sterling.

You can shop online for every kind of Jewellery in Pakistan. Stores like Daraz.pk and PakStyle.pk offer fashion jewellery at quite reasonable prices. Just be sure to ask the dealer fair amount of questions till you’re satisfied about your purchase and see if you can trust him. Happy shopping! J

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Wishlist on Banggood

Today I am featuring Banggood on my blog. Its amazing website having versatile items.I really want to buy following items from their website.  

                                          Hair Straightener LCD Comb Brush  US$ 21.39


1. Easy and convenient to use.
2. Professional variable temperature control for all hair types.
3. Straighten, curl and twist in one effortless pass.
4. Not hurt the hair, making your hair more supple.

Type: Fast Hair Straightener Comb
Rated voltage: 100-230V
Rated power: 29W
Thermostat adjustment segments: 5 degree
Temperature Control: 60-230°C
Color: Pink, White
Size: As shown in pictures
Weight: App 572g

Synthetic Fiber Makeup Brush  $15.99

1. A makeup kit with perfect makeup effect
2.The Brush have simple color and fashion trends, grasping powder easily
3.The perfect combination of aluminum and brush handle, excellent workmanship, good corrosion resistance
4.Perfect for both Professional Salon or Home use
5.The soft fibers help create a flawless, high-definition finish

Item Type: Makeup Brush Set
Material of Handle: Alloy
Material of Bristle: Synthetic Fiber

Cosmetic Storage Holder Organizer

Perfect for storaging makeup applicators, q-tip, cotton ball, Craft & jewelry making items, hair clips.

Item Type: Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer
Material: Acrylic
Color: Clear
Size: As Show In the picture
Weight: About 532g (1), 990g (2), 456g (3), 1032g (4),228g (6),170g (8)

Package Included:
1 X Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer (choose what you like one)

Go to section:

I am loving #Banggood

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Happy Winter Shopping Bornprettystore

Hello My Readers!

Today I am reviewing on my mini haul by Bornprettystore!

1. Vintage Earrings

I am loving these earring. It looks antique. Delicate and gorgeous. I am gonna wear it on my farewell along my Saree. Its of $ 4.34. You must buy them. Its super gorgeous.

2. Butterfly Hair Clip

I love to wear hair clips. Fund this unique pin and decided to pick this. Its of $2.15. Made of alloy.

I decided to pick this antique ring. But very unfortunately its broken down in transit. It looks great on hand. Adds beauty in hand. Its of $ 3.47. You must buy this master piece.

10% off code: NAZT10