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Sunday, 16 October 2016

My All Time Favorite Beauty Tools

I am sharing my personal experience regarding my favorite beauty tools. I enjoy testing out new products. I am using these products for years. I call these products classic as long they will remain in market I will keep using them on permanent basis. I use following products on regular basis;

I don't get time to visit salon so this tool is life saving for my skin. I am having oily skin so I am using it twice a week. It too easy to use. It helps to cleanse my skin. So I must say buy its having worth.

I love my hand and feet. I do special care of them in summer and winter. So I have kept this beauty tool in my basic beauty tools. Its easily available and you can now order this one. 

I am using this Hair Straightener Brush on regular basis. Its too easy to use. I am loving this brush as Its too easy to use. It leaves my hair soft. Hair straightening tuned too easy now with the help of this tool. In my previous posts I have posted comprehension review on this hair straightener brush.

I don't go to salon for waxing as that time taking for as per my life routine, so I use hair removal machine. Its best beauty tool as It takes less time to remove hair. I would prefer all to buy it from this site.

You must visit this site.


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  2. Great post! Really helpful items :)


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  4. This facial cleaner sounds really interesting, dear :) What's more, I followed you back (#1961). :)


  5. Great items! Especially the cleaner sounds great :)
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