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Sunday, 7 September 2014

ESPEE Eyeliners - Golden, Silver & Blue

Today I am introducing amazing eyeliners on my blog. I love to apply eyeliner. I usually apply black in most. I found Espee on facebook. I am in love with Espee nail polishes and eyeliners. I have never tried this brand before. One more thing I have tried glitter eyeliners first time.

ESPEE is a beauty brand that allows women to express themselves and have fun with

 colors! We offer high-quality products with innovative formulas and glamorous packaging 

all under an affordable price-tag.

Silver, Blue & Golden

 Silver, Blue & Golden

 Rs. 170 Each.

The eye liner gives you a refined, glamorous look in a classy, modern way is My Point Exactly Ey-1 from the one and only ESPEE.




It comes in leaf shaped packing. Which is quite attractive. But you cannot stand it. For 

application you have to hold it in hand.


Rs. 170 Each.


Fine tipped brush. Its super easy to apply. Formula adds sparkling glitter with twice 


With single swipe it gives thin line.

My Thought:

I am loving the consistency and formula.

Price is reasonable.

Once it dries off not easily rub off.

I usually removed it with eye make up remover.

Its long lasting.

It goes on smooth.

May Be You Don't Like It:
No description is mentioned on bottle.

Its not easily to remove it.

Its not pigmented.

International & national buyers can buy from Shopdaily.pk

                 © All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise.


  1. I usually go for darker shades eyeshadow. The silver one looks nice on you and the gold one great for a night out

  2. I like the gold shade in your eyes. Learned something new today about eyeliners. Guess I have to open up a parlor now.

  3. The liner is looking beautiful on your eyes. I am following you..hope you will too..

  4. Pretty eyeliners and I love the sparkle! They have used pretty neat packaging to, very eye catching, LOL

  5. I liked the shape of the eyeliner, the silver one is the best fit for your naina

  6. Wow, I love sparkling glitter eyeliners, moreover, these colors are amazing, following the latest make up fashion trends. They give your eyes glamorous and starry look!

  7. Wow I love the shape of the eyeliner. My first time ever seeing such shape. Would love to get me one.

  8. Love the shape of the eyeliner, so unique and nice... Both 3 colours are sparklingly nice!~

  9. Wow, I love the packaging! The colors are nice too, but a little too glittery for daily usage....

  10. I loved golden one most, and really liked your review!

    Happy tuesday :)

  11. The packaging looks cool with the rose design. It's a nice accessory for ladies.

  12. Usually, I know only the black color, for eyeliners, but this product looks good too. The silver color looks good for your Indian eyes.

  13. Wow.. I have never tried using glittery eye liner. I was just thinking that glitters dont get trapped in your eyes?

  14. Nice review however me personally, I don't have any use for them but always good to read something new. All the best.

  15. Design is pretty cool. I think my gf would like these.

  16. This would be perfect for a night out partying with friends or for a special occasion. Out of the three colors, I prefer the silver on you.

  17. I love how beautiful the packing is! And the colors look amazing too. I would definitely use this!

  18. My wife does not use eye makeup so much so I'm unfamiliar with this. But the container looks very nice.

  19. Wow! Iike it so much :D Love the packing and colours :) Hope to get one soon :)

  20. I think I'd still prefer black eyeliners. I tried using the shimmering ones, and find them really hard to remove.


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