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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Japonesque Cheetah Pattern Tweezer

       Today I am giving review on tweezer by Japonesque. Now it has become my favourite.
                                                                                                        Here is look!

  •  The slanted tip lets you get super close to the roots.
  • Tweezer is wider at bottom.
  • Grip comfortably.
  • Appealing look.

My Thoughts:
                   As I am studying, So for me its tough to visit parlour. I was surprised to  see its beautiful look and its quite sharp. Its really amazing. It quickly removes the stray hairs. Easily grabs the stray hairs. :) Feel good and look good.

Visit their website.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Japonesque Brow Kit - In Pink Clutch Case

Few days back i ordered Japonesque Brow Kit, I got it last day.

Overall, the Japonesque Brow Kit is amazing and one of the best beauty brow weapons you can drop in your purse. The price point is fair for all that you get, especially since you'll probably use everything inside. From day to night, these tools will open the windows to your soul by creating beautiful brows on your own!

First, this brow kit comes in a cute and stylish compact case and holds everything you will need for amazing brows. I opened the clutch and was amazed at how much you got in such a small space.

First Up: Powders

I first noticed the two neutral colored brow powders. I was a little nervous because they look very light and currently have black hair. I went ahead and tried the darker of the two powders and was very pleased with the color. I wore it all day and it stayed in place and never once smudged.

Next: Let's Talk Brow Wax & Gel

I also noticed the brow wax, which has always been my favorite. Using brow wax is like using mascara. It should be a staple in your make up bag. Some waxes can be heavy and greasy. Not this one. This wax was light and defined my brows. I also wore the brow gel and that helped keep everything in place all day long!

Tweezers Too?

I pulled out the tweezers and noticed they didn't feel like the cheap tweezers you usually get in kits. They were small and worked well. I couldn't stop tweezing my brows! 

Now the Stencils

I don't usually like eyebrow stencils because they seem to be more cumbersome than helpful. These were not. They are made of a thicker, more pliable plastic so they contour to your brow bone for easy application of the powder. 

Last but Not Least: Brushes

As if the above wasn't enough, you also get two brushes. The first is a dry mascara wand. This will allow you to perfectly place your eyebrows. The second is an angle brush. Now both of these brushes do their job. I just had a problem with the fact they were so small. It was a bit difficult to use them but they had to be smaller than normal to fit inside.

Price: $28

Visit their Facebook page and  website.

Note: Its my personal purchase.