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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Cheap Cardigans Online

Winter season is coming So I decided to share the website link  from where you can buy cardigans at cheap prices. Its a web shop which sells products at cheap prices. I don't hesitate to  buy online as my blog is full of experience with different websites. This site is reliable to buy each stuff. Firstly a lot of products are provided with reviews and the company itself already guarantees good quality. The website also offers a handy size chart so you can easily discover which size you need to order. Isn't that just handy because nobody likes to receive the wrong size right!? 

Below you can see some of my favorites, check all the pieces; Shrugs

See more beautiful cheap cardigans online 

On other side you can also buy cheap women tops from their website, Below you can see some of my favorites, check all the pieces

Top (Link)

Top (Link)

Top (Link)

Must visit this site


women dresses

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Men's Winter Fashion in Pakistan

Today post is quite interesting. As woman are concerned about winter fashion same like men also wants to look stunning with winter fashion look, Mostly people likes winter season as I do so in this season everyone wants too look gorgeous in warm clothes. So every men should keep below mentioned stuff in closet.

Baseball Jacket Online

Sports jacket boys like the most as it looks stylish. I have seen many guys who prefer to wear it along jeans and sneakers. It adds very decent stylish look. Now a days Baseball jackets are easily available at reasonable prices. Now on a single click you can buy this in only Rs. 999 (App. $9.99) which is very cheap price. Baseball jackets are available in wool as well in leather stuff. 

Baseball Jacket Black Rs. 999

Stylish Men's Winter Coat
When weather turned cozy so no alternate to wear coat for men.  While stepping out of home men wants to cover them so coat is best option to look decent as well to keep oneself safe from winter cold breeze even storm. In Pakistan winter season is very limited. However sometimes it turned so chill outside. So if guys you are looking forward to buy some winter stuff them add coat in your closet. Boys you can buy coat in R. 999 in different shades. In winter you must have this coat to keep yourself away from seasonal affect. 

Stylish Men's Winter Coat Rs. 999

Men love to wear sweater as it looks cool on each dress. In Pakistan winter is not so long so pair of this sweater you can buy in Rs. 1099 which is at very reasonable price. 

Pack of 2 Levi's Sleeveless Sweaters Rs. 1099

Full sleeves shirts also look cozy in winter. Men's love to wear this one as it gives smart look.  I find shirts quite easy: Men are square in shape and there are not many princesses seams or complicated shaping techniques to be done, so in winter its best choice to wear full sleeves T-Shirt. 

In winter men's can also wear Sweatpants to cover from winter breeze. In morning as well in night time it can be wore easily. So pack of 2 Sweatpants can be bought in Rs. 999.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Fruitien Pakistan

Today I am sharing quiet interesting post regarding juices. I got this lovely caring package by  Fruitien Pakistan. It came in beautiful sturdy box which consisted of 6 juices, 1 key chain & few certification. 

                                                           I got following flavors;
                                                       Grapes Flavor
                                                        Apple Flavor
                                                     Cocktail Fruit Drink
                                                           Mango Flavor
                                                          Orange Flavor
                                                            Peach Flavor

I am hanging this key chain along my wardrobe key. I have shared picture on my Instagram. 

My Thought:
Loving the taste.
I loved the mango most. ;)
Quality is good.
Halala juices.

Facebook page Fruitien Pakistan 
 Instagram @fruitienpakistan

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Makeup Haul by majicbeauty.com

Today post is quite interesting as I am reviewing majicbeauty.com makeup product line on my blog, It contains something very interesting and unique product. I am trying to learn smokey eyes make since long time but still unable to do so. This has made so easy on single sweep we can get perfect eyes look including smokey look. As I am beginner so Its too good for me to look better on each event with the perfect eyes which I can instantly get by eyemajic. 

Company Claims;
Majic Beauty are one of the world’s preeminent lifestyle brands, recognized the world over for its innovation and impeccable Australian craftsmanship. Majic Beauty is richly endowed with a portfolio of products that is unique in the world and that covers most lines of cosmetics and responds to the diverse needs of consumers the world over.
Majic Beauty are the creator of Eye Majic  a fully patented, Award Wining one sweep instant eye shadow application of high quality which slashes the most time-consuming aspect of cosmetic. Other products includes: Eye Liners, Lash Majic, Lip Glosses and Lip Liners.

What I got in Package;

My Thought:
  • Its to easy to use eye majic as eye shape pads are too easy to sweep over eye lid. It gives perfect look. Too easy to use.
  • Eyeliner majic is perfect to adds beauty in eyes. Its staying power is good.
  • Lip majic is simply outstanding. I am keeping it in my handbag, it adds glossy affect on my lips.

You must visit  majicbeauty.com

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

My All Time Favorite Beauty Tools

I am sharing my personal experience regarding my favorite beauty tools. I enjoy testing out new products. I am using these products for years. I call these products classic as long they will remain in market I will keep using them on permanent basis. I use following products on regular basis;

I don't get time to visit salon so this tool is life saving for my skin. I am having oily skin so I am using it twice a week. It too easy to use. It helps to cleanse my skin. So I must say buy its having worth.

I love my hand and feet. I do special care of them in summer and winter. So I have kept this beauty tool in my basic beauty tools. Its easily available and you can now order this one. 

I am using this Hair Straightener Brush on regular basis. Its too easy to use. I am loving this brush as Its too easy to use. It leaves my hair soft. Hair straightening tuned too easy now with the help of this tool. In my previous posts I have posted comprehension review on this hair straightener brush.

I don't go to salon for waxing as that time taking for as per my life routine, so I use hair removal machine. Its best beauty tool as It takes less time to remove hair. I would prefer all to buy it from this site.

You must visit this site.