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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Buyers Guide to Fragrances

Are you looking for the right fragrance? Well, it was never simpler but this post will give you some special instructions helpful to choose the best cologne. With the passage of time, the online shopping storeshave added amazing collection of local as well as branded perfumes. Choosing the colognes from the local markets is laborious but it helps to discover the outstanding options. On the other hand, online cologne shopping is suitable if you know the fragrance or other features. Let’s see how to choose the best fragrances.


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Fragrance strength:
Understanding the cologne strength is one of the major jobs for buyers. The strength of the fragrance also helps to understand the composition of a product. It has been noticed that majority of the buyers prefer to have Eu De Toilet perfumes. These contain 4% to 8% active ingredients and are best as women’s perfumes. On the other hand, the Pure Fragrances contain 8% to 15% active ingredients and these are best as Men’s perfumes. It means that Pure Perfumes are stronger because of the higher concentration of fragrance.

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Choose the best note:
Choosing the fragrance ingredients is more complicated than understanding the strength. Actually, it is about the total ingredients mixed and their quantities. Normally, the ingredients are mixed together to create an amazing fragrance. It is recommended to focus on the ingredients whenever you try to choosespecial cologne for your friends. The heavier ingredients create a perfume that will last for longer after the first application. In most of the cases the pure perfumes stay for longer.


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Always try it:
The perfumes must be tried before you add them to shopping cart. Most of the stores allow the buyers to try the perfumes while some don’t. It depends on the management of perfume sellers. However, if you are curious about the selection of a best product then you must try it on your skin. This is a best option to smell the fragrance reaction on your skin. It also helps you to choose the fragrance that is suitable for your skin type. For example, the perfumes stay for longer on oily skins. Never ignore the skin chemistry. Leave the perfume in showcase if it is giving punching or burning effect on your skin. This should be checked very well before purchasing the fragrances.

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Choose the right moment:
Well, it sounds funny but it has a reason. It would be better to go for shopping in morning preferably before 12 A.M. Why morning time is good? Actually, it is the best moment to sense the fragrances as there will fresh air present in store. On the other hand, you will avoid the sense of other perfumes in the air. With the passage of time, buyers will come and check various perfumes allowing the fragrance to mix with the air. If you have time then try the fragrance for an hour. This will help to check its stability with your skin.

Remember temperature effects:
It has been studied by numerous scientists that perfumes react with the rise in temperature. The perfumes based on chemicals always go towards spoiling in high temperatures or direct sunlight. On the other hand, the perfumes with alcohol also react in the similar manner. Try to keep the perfumes in dry and cool conditions. Remember, perfumes have no shelf life that’s why most of the perfumes last for 2 to 5 years inside bottle.

Where to buy fragrances online?

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