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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Replica YSL Beige Velvet Long Chain Clutch - BagsMart

I am lover of long chain bags. Today I am giving review on replica. I got mine from Bags Mart.  I got this in Rs. 1600 only ~ ($ 16 Approximate).  Earlier I was not having beige in long chain. Its perfect clutch. Easy to carry. 

My Thought:
Its perfect bag for every occasion.
Its nicely stitched.
Color is perfect.
Small pocket inside it.
Chain is long.
Comfy part on shoulder area.

May Be You Don't Like It:
You cannot fully open it as stuff is bit hard.

Click to Buy from Bags Mart.

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ellis Faas Hot Lips Lipsticks - L403, L408 & L409

Today I am reviewing my favorite lipstick brand Ellis Faas.  I love this unique lip stick.  Its new launched line "HOT LIPS" 

Hot Lips is Ellis' latest revolutionary texture for the lips. Because it's absolutely packed with pigment, you'll only need a tiny bit of the non-greasy Hot Lips to add vibrant colour. Hot Lips are extremely longwearing, without the risk of drying out your lips. A little goes a very long way!

Swatches in day light

Swatches with Flash Light

It comes in bright pink colored paper box.  Which is quite attracting. Silver bullet packing with sponge applicator. Twist up color delivery. 

$ 35 Each.

Click to buy from Ellis Faas

Total Shades:
9 shades are available.

My Experience:
Parcel took 2 weeks to arrive.
First time twist the pen clockwise until product comes out.
First time it takes some time to come out.
Careful while twisting the pen.
L 403 is bright pink color it gives bold look.
L 408 is baby pink color which is soft color.
L 409 is nude pink color which is very natural.
Its very weightless which gives full coverage.
Its extremely pigmented.
It smells good.
Long lasting lipstick shade.

May Be You Don't Like It:
Its bite pricey.

Click to buy Ellis Faas Hot Lips.

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Manomai - It's for O Type ~ A natural moisturizing serum for your skin type

Today I reviewing very unique product on my blog. I have never heard before skin product which is created according to your blood group. I got this parcel 10 days back. I am really happy with their customer service. 

A moisturizer blended specially for Type O skin

                                  Around-the-Clock Facial Serum with Seaweed and Guava Leaf Extract 
A gentle, hydrating day and night serum which gives you soft, glowing and blemish-free skin without clogging pores. For Type O skin we use seaweed extract (Algae Extract) which is rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids to keep skin healthy and youthful. 
Manomai facial serum blend edelweiss extract for cell regeneration and elasticity, green tea extract, willow bark extract and guava leaf extract for anti-aging flavanols with a natural source of vitamin E, rich in essential fatty acids such as Certified organic argan oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and shea butter which fight against drying and the loss of elasticity, promote tissue healing, reduce inflammation, improve skin metabolism, provide sun protection and help prevent premature aging from oxidisation. 
Together, these selective ingredients strengthen cell membranes, aid collagen production and improve micro-circulation, brightening the skin and improving its texture. 

Key ingredients:

 seaweed extract, guava leaf extract, cherry extract, green tea extract, edelweiss extract, willow bark extract, certified organic argan oil, olive oil, shea butter, jojoba oil.

  • Formulated by Manomai specifically for Type O skin 
  • Suitable for all Type O sub-types 
  • Use natural preservatives 
  • No parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours or fragrances 
  • Carefully blended with only top-quality, vitamin-rich ingredients 
  • Not tested on animals 
  • Dermatologically tested 
  • Complies with ISO standards and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • Approved by FDA Thailand

Directions for use: 
After cleaning your face and neck, apply a pea-sized amount of serum, patting it evenly over skin with your finger. Use twice daily, days and nights. You can apply Manomai Serum alone or apply it before your usual moisturizer.
Our products contain natural preservatives and oil content may float due to high temperature. Please shake bottle well before use for content to be well mixed. Please store your products in a cool location below 30 degree C and keep out of heat and direct sunlight.

As with any skincare product if you believe you may be sensitive please apply product to a small test area and wait 24 hours. If you observe a reaction at any time discontinue use. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
30 ml

My Experience:
Before buying this product; you must knowing your blood group.
I am using this product from last 10 days.
Its a best serum as it reduces the aging signs.
I am impressed with packing.
It works on my open pores near nose area.
I have applied milky liquid on my face and neck before going to bed.
It leaves my skin so smooth.
Its dispenser is good. One pump is enough for my face.
Its very good face moisturizer. 
I am not trying it in day time as I am having oily skin.
I will use it regular.
Its best for dry skin in day time.
Its very light weight face serum.

May Be You Don't Like It:
Its bit pricey.
It leaves my oily skin little bit greasy.

Click to buy from their website & facebook page

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

ESPEE Eyeliners - Golden, Silver & Blue

Today I am introducing amazing eyeliners on my blog. I love to apply eyeliner. I usually apply black in most. I found Espee on facebook. I am in love with Espee nail polishes and eyeliners. I have never tried this brand before. One more thing I have tried glitter eyeliners first time.

ESPEE is a beauty brand that allows women to express themselves and have fun with

 colors! We offer high-quality products with innovative formulas and glamorous packaging 

all under an affordable price-tag.

Silver, Blue & Golden

 Silver, Blue & Golden

 Rs. 170 Each.

The eye liner gives you a refined, glamorous look in a classy, modern way is My Point Exactly Ey-1 from the one and only ESPEE.




It comes in leaf shaped packing. Which is quite attractive. But you cannot stand it. For 

application you have to hold it in hand.


Rs. 170 Each.


Fine tipped brush. Its super easy to apply. Formula adds sparkling glitter with twice 


With single swipe it gives thin line.

My Thought:

I am loving the consistency and formula.

Price is reasonable.

Once it dries off not easily rub off.

I usually removed it with eye make up remover.

Its long lasting.

It goes on smooth.

May Be You Don't Like It:
No description is mentioned on bottle.

Its not easily to remove it.

Its not pigmented.

International & national buyers can buy from Shopdaily.pk

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Mini Haul By JustPureMinerals.com

Today I am reviewing products which I have purchased by Just Pure Minerals. I am huge fan of minerals makeup. You can easily buy it from esty.

 Just Pure Minerals offers 100% vegan cosmetics, made in small batches, free of synthetic preservatives, bismuth oxychloride, parabens, nano-particles, and synthetic dyes found in other cosmetics.

Ideal for Sensitive Skin -  We avoid ingredients (even natural ones!) that can cause irritation.
100% Vegan - We create luxurious products with ingredients that nurture your skin, and without a whole list of ingredients still used by other cosmetic companies that aren’t vegan, and can be harmful to your health.
Never Animal Tested - Our products leave you glowing with good health and good karma.

Aruba Lipstick
Gabrielle Lipstick
Lemon Balm
3 sample size lipstick of Cha Cha, Natallia & Mambo

Gabrielle Vegan Lipstick is a cool, somewhat sheer, mauve-y pink. It coordinates nicely with cooler toned and neutral blushes.
Aruba Vegan Lipstick is a light pink with subtle shimmer. It coordinates nicely with neutral toned and cooler toned blushes.

Its sheer & shimmery balm.
It adds lightness.
It gives lively look to lips.

Lemon Balm on my lips

My Thought:
I am loving all natural colors.
Their owner is so sweet and friendly.
Lipstick is of $ 10.40 each.
Lip Balm is of $ 3.49.
Its best for occasional wear during day.
It easily glides over lip.
Gives lighter look to lips.
It moisturized my lips.
Staying power is 2-3 hours.
Its having peppermint flavor.
As I applied it on my lips, I felt intense minty tingle for 2- 3 minutes.

Click to buy JustPureMinerals

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