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Sunday, 17 March 2013

L.A Minerals 14 Shade Baked EyeShadow Palette

     Today  I am reviewing L.A Minerals 14 Shade Baked EyeShadow Palette. This is baked palette and you can use it wet and dry. I got the parcel in 10 days. Its huge palette and size of color is enough large, so for me it lasts for  years.

  •  One of the benefit of this palette is to use it wet and dry.
  • The 14 eyeshadows color are amazing.

Shake up your eye style by mixing it up with the bold tones, soft shades and sassy shine in LA Minerals fabulous 14-Tone Eyeshadow Palette.

A glam selection of rich shades that make it a snap to go bold or subtle, this smart set gives you everything you need to play up a sleek, high style look with dramatic, cashmere soft tones that can be used wet or dry.

  • The four colors in the center can be used as blush too.
  • I love the marble effect of eyeshadows.
Its really natural colors from soft to bold. Price is also amazing $17, I thing that a big cost for such a amazing investment.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Ellis Faas Milky Lips L207

          Girls! hope you all will be alright. I was damn busy in exams. Today I got time to review on one of my favorite product Ellis Faas Milky Lips L207.  I got this one for review purpose. I simply loving the concept. Feeling enough lucky to review on such a unique brand.

  • I got my parcel within 7 days. It comes in beautiful cardboard box in letter shape.
  • The milky formula is more fluid.
  • It gives a translucent look.
  • Its caramel nude color.
  • It comes in silver bullet shaped with a brush on its top.
  • I love the unique idea especially easy to carry in hand bag and it takes less space.
  • The color is loaded is loaded by twisting the bullet at the base.
  • You can see in swatch its very soft color.
  • Easy to use.

You may don't like it:
  • Sometimes it comes in bulk quantity while twisting it from the base.
  • It makes my lips dry.
  • Color is not same as shown in the Boucher.
  • Its quite expensive.
  • Sometimes you have to twist it many times.

  • Visit their website.