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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

J. Perfume Sapphire

J. is offering versatile product line. I love the most perfumes. Its economic. Best thing 25ml we can buy in Rs. 585/- during regular purchase. You can also buy it on off when they offer off on their products . 

Sapphire is floral woody musk fragrance. As per website. But I feel its smell like fresh oranges. hahah !!! May be you think differ. 

You can easily carry this 25ml bottle in your bag.
J. Sapphire for woman.
As per price it lasts for few time.
It adds freshness to your whole look.

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Monday, 18 June 2018

ECS Shoes - Maroon Straps

I am shoes lover. I will share my shoes collection with you very soon. I bough few pairs from ECS for Eid. They have beautiful summer shoes collection. Design and quality is amazing. Price Rs. 1250/- I love to wear shoes with straps so I have added this one in my shopping bag. Maroon color is simply awesome in this shoes. Although it was available in blue color as well.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Hemani Herbal Whitening Beauty Cream

Hello Friends,
I decided to give proper time to my blog. I write as its my passion. I tried many skin whitening creams as a night cream. I almost tried all famous skin whitening creams. I have heard a lot about Hemani Herbal Whitening Beauty Cream. I got it in Rs. 375/- Its Waseem Badami brand. Now a days everyone wants to look fair. I am also one of them; not 100% but upto 60%. I want fair and glowing skin. I am using night creams from last 5-6 years. Alhamdulillah!! so far no side affects. 

I am using this cream as a night cream. After regular use of this cream I am able to post a review on it. Its my personal experience. I am not at all forcing you guys to buy it and try it. 

Its packing is attractive. Description is written on it. As it claims its whitening cream. Its 3 in 1. Whitening. Anti wrinkle, anti acne face cream.

It comes with a tiny beauty soap. Scent of soap is very pungent. If you keep it in washroom it works as a scent. I was face with this soap twice a days. Its a beauty soap. It also removes black heads and acne as it claims. So I am using it with this cream. As I feel its complementary.

Now comes towards the cream. It bit greasy as petroleum jelly in it. I am having oily skin so I took a risk to use it. I have kept this cream in fridge and before going to bed I apply it all over face and neck. To be honest after first use I got pimple on nose area. I got panic. Then I kept it in fridge and then used it. Its not easy task to remove it in morning. So I am using Hemani Herbal Face Wash with aloe vera extracts. I cannot use this cream in day time because of its greasy nature. I cant take this risk. After one week of regular use I feel that my skin is glowing. Its not instant fair face cream. Paraffin oil is also in it therefore its too oily face cream. I think its best combo for dry cream. 

In Pakistan specially in summers for oily skin I have to take special care of my skin. I use face packs, rice face mask & mineral masks to keep my face fresh and glowing and acne free. I think its best to use this cream as a night cream in winter. 

Best think to use this cream is "no mercury i it". So its best choice.  Manufacturing and expiry date of cream has mentioned on the box. 
I will definitely buy it again. I would use to apply it in winters. The reason of greasy nature of cream is because of many oils in it which are very effective for face. 40 ml cream is enough for regular 2 months use and packing is also very hygienic.

Price Rs. 375/-

Online buy Daraz.Pk

All the pictures are taken by me. Its my personal purchase. The review is honest and my personal experience.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Rani Gold Herbal Whitening Cream

Friends I am back after long break. Now I will post regular n my blog. I have tried almost all night creams. I am using these creams from last 6 years. Alhamdulillah my face is fine with these night creams. I have heard a lot about Rani Gold Herbal Whitening Cream; so I decided to try this. After four days of regular use I feel a glow on my face. It adds brightness as well. Definitely its whitening cream so gives fair look.

My Thought:
Its a best and effective night cream.
I got mine in Rs. 200.
It adds a glow to face.
I have added a Janssen fairness injection along with 1 table spoon alove vera gel.
Its available in two packing.
Buy from reliable shopkeeper.

I have shared my personal experience. I don't want force you people  to use it. I am using night cream from long time. It is pertinent to mention here these creams fairness is not long lasting. As long you use it; it will give fairness. Once you quit you will back to your original complexion. hahah!! So I use these night creams on regular basis.