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Friday, 27 January 2012

Himani Boroplus Healthy Skin Advanced Moisturising Lotion

Today, I’ll be sharing with you my views on Boro Plus’s advanced moisturising lotion which contains badam and milk cream. Read on to know what I like and dislike about the same.


Extracts of Chandan (sandalwood) 1 g, Nimba (lemon) 1 g, Ghritkumari (aloe vera) 1 g, Tulasi (basil) 0.40 g, Haridra (turmeric) 0.30 g, Hriber 0.50 g, Khadir (part of acacia tree) 0.150 g, Kumud (white lily) 0.150 g, Gulab jal (rose water) 1 g, Malai (milk cream) 0.10 g, Grape seed oil 0.10 g, Olive oil 0.10 g, Badam tel (almond oil) 0.05 g, Kesar (saffron) 0.005 g, Tankan amla (boric acid) 0.80 g, Base Qs.

Directions To Use:

Apply it all over the body, morning and night.

A preventive, curative and healing ayurvedic lotion for dry skin diseases, minor cuts, wounds, chapped skin and cold sores.

Product Description:

Its unique, advanced moisturising formula penetrates deep into the skin and heals dry skin from inside. It replenishes moisture and forms a ‘moisture shield’ on your skin, which leaves you with nourished, soft, smooth and healthy skin. It is enhanced with natural goodness of pure malai, badam, rosewater and saffron.


It comes in a sturdy, white plastic bottle with a green flip-open cap. The packaging makes it travel friendly and very convenient for usage.

Color and Consistency:

It is white in color and fairly thick in consistency.


It has a strong, pleasant fragrance. Sandalwood dominates the fragrance.<3 class="separator" div="div" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

My Experience with Himani Boroplus Healthy Skin Advanced Moisturising Lotion:

The lotion is very heavy and thick. It is not so easy to spread and apply it, mainly because it is thick.However, once applied, it gets absorbed quickly. I was not expecting this from the lotion. I thought it will take a while to get absorbed, but I was surprised to find that it gets absorbed within minutes!

However, it makes my skin greasy post application and the greasy residue remains for an hour or so, which according to me, is the biggest drawback of the lotion. It did make my skin soft. That propelled me to use the lotion again, despite the oily, greasy feeling. So, I used it the next day or rather, the next night. I woke up with really soft and smooth skin. The fragrance was as fresh and as strong as it was the night before.

Its easily available in market.

I have bought it paying Rs. 250.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Capri Moisturizing Handwash in Pink

Sorry guyx i was busy in my mid terms.

I have bought this one 15 days back.

Pamper your skin with every wash.Capri hand wash with natural goodness of Rose Petals ' Strawberry Extract and Milk Protein Leaves your skin silky soft and nourished.

Capri Moisturizing handwash comes in transparent bottle with white pump action dispenser it contains a glycerin and Aqua sodium in it which is very good to nourishment of skin .

I really like pinkish, creamy and silky handwash after washing my hand with this handwash i smell very beautiful fragrance of roses. it's very good for daily use and it's easily available in all stores in Pakistan in very reasonable price.

Price tag of Rs 175.

Its not so much foamy.