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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My Current Hair Care Routine

Today I am sharing my current hair care routine. Oh gosh few months back I was suffering with severe hair fall. Tried many home remedies and hair oils even made mixed and Dr Khurram Mushir home made oil but no relief. Hair fall and dandruff too much. Then decided to consult with dermatologist he has prescribed o oil and tablet; as posted earlier. Less hair fall and dandruff but I was not enough satisfied. Then my other friend told me about a dermatologist, I took appointment after paying fee of Rs. 1000. She was so sweet and after checking out my hair and head with camera she told you are suffering with hair fungus. :O That was quite surprising for me.  I took daily shower; how it could be possible. She told its due to sweating in hair we usually face such kind a problems. Before this I did hair dye. That made my hair too thin.

  • For hair fungus and dandruff : Zolanix Capsule
  • For Hair Fall and Dandruff : PhotonicMAX Shampoo
  • For Severe Hair Fall & Dandruff : Novasalic Lotion

                                              PhotonicMAX Shampoo

  •  Rs. 375.
  • Massage wet hair with it approximate for 8-10 minutes.
  • Its having irritating smell but it works.
  • Its having pink color.
  • Use it on regular basis for at least 2 months for best result.
  • For best result, first wash hair with you regular shampoo then after washing that apply it and massage scalp.
  • As first time you didn't get so foam.

 Complete description is mentioned.

                                                         Zolanix Capsule

  •  Rs. 150 each.
  • Intake once a week.
  • 5 capsules in 5 weeks.
  • Take second capsule after 5 days of first.

 Novasalic Lotion

  •  Its transparent lotion.
  • Its price Rs. 80.
  • Apply it on scalp before going to sleep. Then wash off in morning.
  • Roots will absorb it.
  • Use twice a week.
  • For best results use it for 2 months.

My Experience:
  • I am using it on regular basis.
  • Its not expensive deal.
  • I will use it for 2 months regular then will take appointment again.
  • My hair started regrow.
  • Alhamdullah !! too less hair fall and dandruff.
  • Scalp is now clear no dandruff.

  • Don't use any home remedy during this routine.
  • Use it on regular basis.
  • Do oiling with medicated oil i.e Soothe Derm oil.
  • I got again thick and long hair.
  • Don't go for cut down and hair dying.
The purpose of this post is just to give you confidence that you can get thick and long hair again. Just go to dermatologist.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hina which doctor u consult..I I've severe hair loss problem..kindly guide me plz

  2. It's nice that your hair is starting to grow again just means your routine is effective.

  3. Your hair looks so nice :) thank you a lot for the insight on your routine

  4. How severe is your hair fall? If it's like 50-100 hair strands, I have read that it's just normal.

    1. more than that. Daily too much hair fall. my hair started thining

  5. You have beautiful hair!! Thanks for sharing the secret! :)


  6. very beautifull hair mashaaAllah

  7. Sorry to hear you suffered some hair loss but glad you consulted with a doctor. I suffered some as well after giving birth to my son. Thanks for sharing how you bounced back. And speaking of bouncing, your hair has great body and bounce now!

    - Karen

  8. assalam o alaikum... i also have this kind of problem... from which doctor you consult! name nd adresss plzzzz

    1. Walikum us Salam, I have consulted with dr. shazia. you can consult with any famous dermatologist.

    2. Where Dr Shazia is located

  9. I wish i can have a beautiful hair like you :)

  10. You have beautiful hair! I love the outfit especially the Dior tee!:)

  11. My hair is so oily. Still finding suitable treatment for it.

  12. very nice thanku i will try this

  13. Nice lovely hair.

  14. That sounds marvelous! Glad its helped you and can I just mention too that you have very beautiful hair :)

  15. ive never actually taken any supplements for my hair

  16. Interesting! I have never heard of this product before. Thanks for sharing!

    Jennifer Ashley
    Bloglovin' | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

  17. Really Nice hair and great product for hair care solution.

  18. Nice tht u share ur secret which people often dont well i m having hair fall very much but it doexnt seems like fungus where does dr shazia clinics i also want to consult her

  19. Nice supplement and very useful for hair treatment and hair loss. It really work to achieve healthy hair.
    Thanks to update.

  20. What should I Include In My Hair Care Routine
    If you want healthy and shiny hair then you need daily care for that. Using expensive cosmetics only can not better treat you hair. It is very important that it is included in you daily hair care routine.

    Here in this section we are giving you some easy hair care routine maintaining tips.

  21. I totally agree with your hair treatment.
    I also had this severe dandruff problem since last 15 years but I never paid attention to any treatment except for totkas and oiling.
    Few years ago when my hair started falling terribly I consulted a dermatologist. He prescribed me similar medicines i.e. scalp lotion, medicated shampoo and supplementary capsules. Within 10 days my hair were dandruff free and within three months I got my hair strength and volume back.
    So please if you're suffering from any scalp issue consult a dermatologist. Don't waste time and your precious hair on desi totkas.

    And Masha'Allah to your beautiful hair!

  22. Thanks for sharing information

    VLCC range of International Hair Treatments not only helps restore balance, shine, volume and strength to your hair, but also aims at improving the overall health of your scalp.

  23. Hi.. I went to my dermatologist for same reason. She gave me novasalic lotion to apply every night and wash my hair the other morning.. I searched on internet that it contained steroid and was afraid to try it.. But now I just went through this article and I'm thinking of taking a chance .. haha btw thanks :)

  24. Assalam o alaikum... I also had the same problem of oily scalp acne and hairfall , for which my dermatologist gave me novasalic lotion but I was too afraid to use it as it contains steroid.. but now I went through this article and I'm thinking of taking a chance .. thankxs :)

  25. What is this lotion for?dandruff or hairfall?

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  28. Ya as Hair Transplant in Islamabad doctor i will recommend PhotonicMAX Shampoo for hair loss treatment


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  31. Can you plz share your dermatologist details..

  32. This hair routine literally saved my life. Highly recommended. And this is the best best best blog ever I'm your huge fan bcz of your very sincere reviews. Literally impressed. May God bless you <3


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