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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Hand & Feet Whitening Formula

In winter season if you are worrying about hand feet whitening then you must try this formula cream. You need below products;
  • Vaseline Lotion
  • Glycerin
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • 10 Whitening Capsules
  • 1 Biocos Whitening Emergency Serum

You need 100 ml Vaseline lotion (Whitening lotion is must you can take any whitening lotion; I am using Vaseline as its having nice whitening affect), add two tbs glycerin, 2 tbs Aloe Vera Gel (Market Aloe Vera Gel must be used), 10 whitening capsules & 1 Biocos Whitening Emergency Serum. Mix all items in a well way. You can mix it a container then shift it to a empty lotion bottle. Apply it as a night lotion on your hand & feet. Don't use it on face. Its only for hand & feet. I am using it for along time. It gives a nice whitening affect. Its not instant whitening lotion. It works slowly. 

Complete video of this Hand & Feet Whitening Formula; I have shared on my YouTube Channel. 

Check out this video;
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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Hands & Feet Care – Olive Whitening Lotion

Today I am sharing my winter hands & feet care with you guys. In winter we all face dryness on hands & feet. I always tried new products to get best result. I have heard a lot about Olive Whitening Lotion so decided to try this. I got his lotion bottle of 200 ML in Rs. 200 from general store. Its deep moisturizing lotion with olive and cow milk.

-          Olive Whitening Lotion 200 ML  Rs. 200
-          Aloe Vera Gel – 2 table spoon RS. 170 Bottle Price
-          20 Whitening capsules Rs. 5 each (I got mine in Rs. 2 each)
-          Janssen Whitening Injection – 2  Rs. 130 each

I got all products from reliable place. Make sure that products are original. Mix all products in a bowel and then store in lotion bottle. For best results make sure to mix all in open bowel so that all ingredients mixed in a well way. Apply it on hand and feet in day and night time for best results.

My thought:
Its effective for hand & feet care.
It gives whitening effect too.
It gives spotless skin.
For best result use it for atleast two months regular.
It adds glow.
It smells good.
Its easily available.
You will get smooth and fairer hands and feet within a week. ;)
I am using it on regular basis.

May Be you Don't Like It:
Olive Whitening Lotion leaves skin dry if you won't add whitening capsules.
Its not easy to blend it.
It leaves skin white which gives fake look.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

JO’s Organic Candy Foot Softener

Today I am reviewing one of the awesome product which I purchased by JO's Organic Beauty. I am doing home pedicure. Its too easy to get baby soft feet at home with the help of this product. Best thing it is made of organic products which are imported by
 Sri Lanka, UK, Malaysia & Spain.
Their Products;
  • Candy Foot Softener
  • Chocolate Face Scrub
  • Smooches The lip Balms
  • Whitening Soap
  • Healthy Tea

What it claims, 
  Salon like feet at home in 20 mins. with home pedicure, try JO's Organic foot softener.

"Made with natural minerals and pure oils to soothe rough skin, improve blood circulation & eliminate odor"

                                Leave feet baby soft, smooth and freshly fragrant.

  • Its comes in a plastic jar.

  •  Since Jo's Organic Beauty products are free from parabens or preservatives, it is highly recommended that you keep the products in a cool dry place above 20°C for a longer shelf life. 
  • Stay healthy go organic!

  • 250 gms of true Organic Pleasure ..... in a good blend with pure sandal wood oil.

  • Its having granules. But that's easily dissolved in water.

  • Add 3 table spoon of Jo's Organic Foot Softener in a tub of warm water which is filled with Luke warm water up to ankle.

  • It smells nice.

  •  Water will look like greasy as oil in it too.

  • This is flip flop shoes season, I usually wear these kind a shoes. I really want to take a pedicure. As I am having dry  and dull feet.
  • With the tough routine of my life, my feet are affecting alot.
  • I cannot go regular salon for pedicure.

  • Soaked feet in it for 15 - 20 minutes.
  • Before soaking my feet; I have washed and scraped the dead skin.

  •  I soaked my feet for 15 minutes.

  •  Now this is time to rinse with water.
  • I will apply moisturizer on feet to keep them soft and relaxed for long time.

My Thought:

  •                             OMG!! My feet feeling so soft and relaxed.
  • Its simply awesome.
  • I am so happy with the results.
  • I think this is best deal to do pedicure at home.
  • Its reasonable.
  • Its totally natural.
  • My heels has gone better and soft.
  • I got a magical product to give myself a relaxed pedicure.
May Be You Don't Lie It:
  • I found nothing bad in it so far.
Thanks a lot JO's Organic Beauty.
Happy healthy looking feet. Must buy it. Its awesome.

Click to buy from JO's Organic Beauty.

Phone0300 2969161

For price and other queries contact with then on facebook.

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                                       All the pictures taken by me.