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Thursday, 31 July 2014

OOTD ~ Feel Like Princess

Now a days I am posting my outfits pictures because I wanna share with you a perfect famous brand which is  "Limelight". It range is totally outstanding. Unique designs. Ready to wear. Prices are reasonable. I got this dress by M.M Alam Road Outlet Lahore.


Their dresses are simply gorgeous. I got this shirt along chiffon duppata.  

  I got it in Rs. 3450.


I am wearing;
Dress: Limelight
Tights: Limelight
Shoes: Metro

                 © All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

OOTD ~ Happy Eid ul Fitar Mubarak - 2014

Eid Mubarak to all my lovely fans!! Weather is awesome here. Drizzling!! I am celebrating Eid my with my lovely friends. 

I am wearing;
Shirt Limelight
Tights Limelight
Shoes Metro
Clutch Outerinner

                 © All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Monday, 28 July 2014

DIY Pedicure at Home - Salon Secrets

I have wasted many money on pedicure and manicure. Finally I got the trick how to do it at home. Its time and money saving too. I will suggest all of you don't go to salon; do it yourself and you will get the best results at home.

Its one time investment. Buy all products from reliable super store. If you don't have cleansing cream, scrubs and mask then as well you can use your skin products. No doubt face is also having skin.

All techniques are simple and you can do in 30 minutes.

Products required

Dermacos Cleanser            
Lofty Apricot Scrub
Jo's Organic Foot Softener
Jo's Organic Chocolate Scrub
Soft Touch Peach Bleach Cream
Saeed  Ghani Sandal Ubtan
Nail tools

Before start wash your feet with any soap or face wash of your  own choice.
I got fungus in nails just because  of  pedicure treatment from salon. They don't use sterilize tools. You must sterilize tools with any anti septic.

Step # 1
Use any bleach cream to bleach your feet. This will make soft your feet and help to remove dirt. Leave it for 5-10 minutes  on your feet.
Don't apply it over nail and cuticles if you are suffering with any fungal disease.
After 10 minutes wash it.

Step # 2
Before this apply almond oil on cuticle then Use the cuticle pusher tool to push back the cuticle. Buff the nails. This will clean the nails.

Step # 3
Use Dermacos cleanser to cleanse the feet. This will help a lot to remove dirt. It will leave  skin soft.

Step # 4
I am using 3 scrubs. Lofty Apricot Scrub, Jo's Organic Foot Softener &Jo's Organic Chocolate Scrub. This helps to exfoliate the skin. Dead skin easily removed. Chocolate mask gives smooth and fresh feet.

Step # 5
Last step is to apply the mask on feet. I am using ubtan by Saeed Ghani. As it get dries
; we can gently scrub it by wetting hand. In last was it after 10 minutes.

Before and  After
I am feeling so soft feet. Got fair feet just in 30 minutes.

After pedicure moisturize the feet with any cream of  your own choice. It will keep feet soft.
If you are suffering with nail fungus like me then apply Lamisil cream on nails and cuticle and leave it for 1 hour. Apply this cream for 2  months on nail and cuticle area.

Hope you would like my effort.

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream

Today I am reviewing on my new love "Pond's White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream". I went to chase up for shopping their I found this and  picked without delay. I have seen many reviews on it and was in search of it since long time. Good thing their was "off" on each item due to Ramazan.
What It Claims:
All in one.
Fairness Cream.
Natural Cover


It comes in sturdy box. Complete description is mentioned as well ingredients are also mentioned on box.
It comes with small tube with nozzle. Tube is made of plastic so its easy to squeeze it. Nozzle is covered with metallic cap.

Net Weight:
Its having 18g net weight.

Rs. 255 Approximate ( $ 2.55)  Which is quite reasonable.

Its texture is  thicker than other BB cream which I have tried so far.

How To Apply:
Take a little amount of BB cream on fingertips then apply it on face and neck area. Apply it in dots form.
I used compact powder to fix it. It lasts long on face.

My Experience:
It covers the acne spot.
Gives the even skin tone.
Gives natural glow.
SPF 30 in it so it protects the skin by sun.
Non oily texture so its best for oily skin.
Dry skin having girls  can also use it.
No clogging of pores.
It gives fairness too.
Its best for day and night look.
Its Indian brand.
I am loving it as its going well on my skin.

May Be You Don't Like It:
Its price varies lie  between Rs. 250 to Rs. 400.
Its available in only one shade.

                 © All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise.

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From 22th to 28st July
Free shipping worldwide within 24 hours
Go and find your new look :

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Godrej Expert ~ Rich Creme Hair Colour Natural Brown 4.00

I love to change hair color. I tried this brand very first time. Its was economic. Rs. 100 each sachet. I am having short hair so 2 sachets are enough for my hair.


Before & After

It comes in sachet. Developer and cream in it. Cream contains 20g while developer contains 2o ml.

I used two sachets. Mix them well in a cup. 

Apply the mixture on hair in a well way. Apply on dried washed  hair. Wash it after 30 minutes.

My Experience:
It gives natural look.
There is no ammonia in it.
I never applied  hair dye on scalp and roots.
Apply it on hair leaving the portion of roots.
No allergy.
Full gray coverage.
Leaves hair soft and  shiny.  

May Be You Don't Like  It:
It does not contain any glove & brush.
No conditioner in it.
No easily available in Pakistan.

                 © All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise.