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Friday, 1 February 2013

Mini Haul by FrontCover Cosmetics

Today I am introducing the frontcover cosmetics on my blog. I got a chance to review one of few items of them. I got my parcel within 6 days. Their customer service is very helpful.

Here is look of items Which I got for review :)

  • Shadowliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Mini Lipstick

  •  I got hot stuff, the new individual mini lipstick is presented in miniature form to showcase a spectrum of season's hottest shades, you can choose now pick and choose a stunning selection of 16 colors to find the perfect fit for your pout.

  •  The hot stuff is beautiful color. The creamy consistency of the lipstick draws a smooth look.

  •  I got individual eyeshadow "Copper Oro". 12 new shades are available now. I got this one because its my favourite. :) Best for parties. 
  • Pigmentation and color is key.
  • The baked powder formulations have been finely tunned to achieve a perfect opulent silky finish and contain high levels of crushed pearls for intense color and maximum iridescence.

  • Frontcover Shadowline is a designed pen liner, will allow you to create fabulous smokey eye effects using any sort of eyeshadow in any color.
  • Just swirl the shadowline wand on to eyeshadow and draw your design.
  • Wand is anti bacterial so can so just dip it back into the pot to clean it after each use.

Overall, their makeup line is perfect. I am happy with my picks. They are offering collection kits too. 

Visit their website Frontcover Cosmetics.