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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mughziat Hair Oil & Gaysu Mughziat Shampoo- Saeed Ghani

I am suffering with severe hair fall. I have consulted with doctor he said its because of hair dye. I had tried many products like Vaseline hair tonic, olive oil etc. Then one of my friend suggested to try Mughziat Hair Oil & Shampoo by Saeed Ghani. 

If you are suffering with severe fair fall then its perfect combo.

                                                 100ml Rs. 200

                                            I am suffering with dandruff + hair loss (applying hair oil)
                                       After 1st wash with Gaysu Mughziat Shampoo
 My Thought:
  • Now a days, I am greatly panic of baldness. :( I have tried many products but not a such difference. As I am enough lucky got this perfect combo to try. Mughziat Herbal Hair Tonic it is pure herbal oil, 54 kinds of herbs in it. Free from alcohols and dyes. It stimulates the growth of hair. It softer the hair and prevents baldness.

The oil is of red color. Its having pungent smell like body massaging oil. Its really effective, I am using this from last 3 weeks. I feel the difference. Less hair fall approximately 15%. I am using it on regular basis. Inshaa Allah I will keep using this until I get 100% positive result.
  • On other side Today I have used this shampoo very first time. Its clean & revitalizing oil free formula. Its again of red color as you can see in above pictures. It is made of herbs. Its having sweet smell. It gives smooth hair. It doesn't make scalp dry. It also rinses out nicely. 
  • After washing the hairs, foam will be of red color, so don't need to get panic.
  • Shampoo + Oil = Complementary. If u wanna get perfect result then use this. 

If you really wanna get rid of hair loss then you have to try this combo. Its best. I am using it and will keep using this continuously.

They having official retailers in many big cites where from you can buy their original products. 


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  3. I am still looking for a good shampoo I might give it a try...

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  5. Oh no! i hope your hair will improve hun! Time to take a break from dyeing,styling and just improve it now eh? you should try using hair oils too and regular head massages performed by yourself !! x

  6. The colour looks a little intimidating if we're honest, but it seems to be working wonders on you! We'd love to hear how your get gets along with this over the next few weeks.


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  12. I might have to try this product, since I try to use only alcohol-free hair products for my very dry hair!

    xxo from NYC

  13. Seems to be a good product. Thank you for sharing; great pics. Hope that it works for your hair *fingers crossed*.
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  14. im happy it worked great on you
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  20. Woww your hairs are so amazing Mashallah <3

  21. I want to try out this product !

  22. 350 for SHampooo & 380 for oil

  23. I am a regular user of these products but i massage oil every night and shampoo every morning. Do you also shampoo every morning and massage every night?

  24. I am a regular user of these products. But i massage oil every night and shampoo every morning. Do you also daily shampoo n daily massage oil? please reply because i have heard daily shampooing is dangerous but on other side if u daily massage oil then wash only with water leave hair greasy

  25. Maghziyat oil have very bad smell
    Is The shampoo have same ..?

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