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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

DS- 06 NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick - B2nshop.com

      Today I am reviewing on one of my favourite lipstick by NYX. I got this one by b2nshop.com.  The lipstick is very pigmented. Soft color. Few amount of shimmer in it.  

A decadent and divine lipstick infused with shimmer. The superlative blend of moisturizing, long-lasting and sparkly ingredients is unmatched. Diamond Sparkle Lipstick has a cult following among our fans. Available in 24 knockout shades.

  •  I really like the square packaging. 
  • Square base shows the color of lipstick.
  • The black square plastic tube with written NYX on front looks quite cool.

  •  It applies smoothly.
  • Its not drying.
  • Its quite moisturizing.
  • The code name and # mentioned below the cap.

  •  Pigmented pink color.
  • The lipstick leaves a sheer.
  • Lot of glitters in it.

My Thought:
                   I love the soft colors. Its now a days my gavourite pick. This color speaks for itself. Its cost is $ 5.45. 


Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ellis Faas Macara in Black - E401

       I love to tell you about stunning mascara which I got by Ellisfaas for review purpose. It comes in bullet shape thats quite attractive. 

  •  A creamy texture that perfectly coats, lengthens and separates each individual lash. Lashes instantly appear longer, lifted and combed.

  •  A lengthening mascara for subtle or prominent accents to your lashes. Well-suited for customising different looks.

  • Active Ingredients:  Senegalese acacia, natural waxes and filming agents.

Lashes look longer.

  • Use the elegant, long wand of the brush to stroke on one coat to accentuate your lashes with subtlety, or to frame your eyes with more a more dramatic effect, build up the lashes with additional coats.
  • Suitable for all types of skin.
  • It having long wand thats may not best to handle. :(
  • The mascara formula is quite creamy.
  • Price €23,00.

ALL pictures taken by me.

Friday, 26 April 2013

lenscircle.com - 3 tone Geo World Grey Lens

This is first time I am giving comprehensive review on lenses. I am damn excited.  Let me tell you first I don't wear circle lens regularly. Occasionally wear them. I got a chance to review the circle lens; I picked up grey one with 3 tone. I got package within 10 days. It was looking amazing in pictures.

Diameter:14 mm
Price. $ 17.90
Water Content: 38%

  Its comes in a beautiful pouch. The lenses were wrapped in bubble envelop. Leopard print pouch was beautiful. Here inside the pouch there were lenses, lens case and lens care instruction.

  • Lenscircle.com is amazing site as they are offering variety of lenses.

  •  Its beautiful grey color.
  • Its really comfortable lens.
  • 14mm diameter exactly match.
  •  I have worn them 12 hours approximate; no irritation.
  • In start I felt like burnt in eyes; after splash of water; i felt comfort.

  •  It looks cool.
  • I am wearing mascara by ellis Faas and eye liner by naked Minerals.

About World Series:
World Series is the tri color lens that blends shades of different color and the brown in the middle in order to imitate the natural eye color. The printing also blends in the natural eye color, resulting in not too vibrant, but definitely noticeable, even from afar. World Grey is recommended for people who want to change the color of their eyes, but do not want any enlargement effect.

My Thought:
Its exactly best for regular wearing. It does not create any irritation. Really comfortable. Pretty natural. Its my best pick so far. thank you circlelens.com for giving me opprtunity to review on such amazing lenses.I love the pattern of lenses. I would definately recoomend you to try this. 5/5

All the pictures taken by me.


Monday, 22 April 2013

Haul by Naked Minerals

        Today I am reviewing on lovely products which I got by Naked Minerals. I got this parcel within 13 days. amazing stuff. Loving the whole package. I got following products;
  1. Professional Grade Makeup Brush Set
  2. Lip Gloss
  3. Blush
  4. Highlighter
  5. Lip Stick
  6. Pouch
  7. Eye Liner
  8. Duo Foundation
  9. Kabuki Brush

  •  Professional Grade Makeup Brush Set: Professional Brush Set Includes 8 Premium Brushes and Stylish Blue Travel Bag:
    • Foundation brush
    • Angled Blush Brush
    • Angled Fluff Brush (eyeshadow)
    • Tapered Fluff Brush (eyeshadow)
    • Square Eyeliner Brush (nylon)
    • Angled Brow Brush (nylon)
    • Spooly (brow groomer)
    • Lip Brush (retractable)
    • Naked Minerals Travel Bag
    • Picks up just the right amount of makeup to transfer to the skin
    • Gives a natural, even, and airbrushed look – no streaks
    • Quality craftsmanship means no stray brush hairs behind

  •  Premium Kabuki Handmade Brush: Get quick and perfect application of your minerals every time with this amazingly soft kabuki brush. The kabuki brush is a must-have for everyone. Each Naked Minerals™ brush is handmade for quality shaping and feathering from soft, natural goat and pony hair tips. We guarantee that you’ll love this brush! 

    Other brushes cost only pennies to manufacture because the hair tips are cut to produce more and cheaper brushes. But the best makeup needs the best brush, right? Naked Mineral brushes are made by the highest quality manufacturing standards of any company in the industry. 

    • Allows just the right amount of makeup to be picked up for application to the skin 
    • Gives a natural, even and airbrushed look, leaving no streaks on the skin 
    • Leaves no stray brush hairs on the face 

  • Vanilla Pressed Mineral Duo Doundation: Certified 100% Pure Inorganic Minerals that are Pressed for No Mess in a convenient, go anywhere compact.
    Get the look of perfectly naked skin. Even if it's not! Naked Minerals blends what you love about premium mineral makeup (like the purity and smooth look) and nothing you don't (messy loose minerals anyone?) Plus, it adds the ease, simplicity and convenience of conventional cosmetics.

  •  Color wash Mineral Blush - Pink a Boo: This long-lasting pure pigment comes in lovely warm-tones and cool-tones, which flatter all shades of skin beautifully. Go from “Barely There” to “Bold” simply by controlling how many layers you apply. This product takes all the guesswork out of trying to match your cheek and lip color by being both steps in one. 

    • Blush - Use layers to create different depths of color 
    • Eye shadow - Apply anywhere on eyelids, light or strong (you decide)
    • Lip color - To create your own color, just blend it with your lip glaze for beautiful moist lips.
    • Results=A perfect match every time! 
    ***Remember: They are minerals so don’t forget to Blend, Blend, Blend… 

    ~And Minerals are Natural, so they can be used ANYWHERE! ~ 

 Treat your lips to the creamy smooth feel of Naked Minerals' new line of lipstick. Made with the purest ingredients, Naked Minerals lipsticks go on smooth - enhancing lips with rich, radiant color, and invigorating and refreshing your senses with a peppermint aroma. 

"Feisty" gives a frosty, mauve shimmer 

  •  Let your senses go crazy with the uplifting zing of peppermint combined with the pleasant, calming smell of coconut. You will have lips that seal every deal. This amazing Lip Glaze flavors your senses and gives you the finishing touch to seal every encounter with a kiss.

  •  Adds great definition to your Naked Eyes!

  • I am just loving the whole package. Brush set just amazing. Fount them bestest so far. Great finishing by them. Amazing stuff and handle grip.
  • Blush color really soft pink.
  • Foundation really natural and adds a flawless look on skin.
  • Eyeliner cool and slightly glide over water line.
  • Lip stick color really natural. May be you dont like its smell that pungent. 
  • Lip gloss gives a mint color and its really cool.
  • Blue pouch really amazing and easy to carry in hand bag.
I am really inspired by their products. I got this package in $99.00. Whole stuff amazing. 

Dont forget to visit their website. Their you will get all amazing stuff.
All the pictures taken by me.