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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Dove Hair Therapy Nutritive Solutions Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo

Today I am reviewing on one of best shampoo which I have tried after a long time. I saw this on Chaseup and instantly got. I tried Dove many years ago at that time it didn't work on my hair. Problem was with its foam. Now grab it in Rs. 198. Lets see now it works or not.

What it Claims;
Smoothens upto 98%
With revolutionary vita oils
Vitamins enriched nourishment for hair that's resilient to damage

Its quite friendly. Plastic bottle which comes with flip cap.

Rs. 198.

Its bit shimmery. Consistency is not so watery. 

Why I Like it:
It gives so smooth hair.
Lathers very well.
It smells great.
Cleanses hair very well
Leaves hair healthier and fuller. 
It suited to my hair type.
With regular use I got super soft and shiny hair.
Less tangles.
Price reasonable.
Oil nourishment cares the hair a  lot from damage.
It works on my oily scalp.

May Be You Don't Like It:
Not so far.

It you don;t apply oil directly on your scalp. Then its good one to nourish your hair wit oil. I will suggest you to buy it. I am having oily scalp but I don't face any kind a issue with this shampoo.

                 © All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise.


  1. I love Dove Products! They're so good <3

  2. great review dear. I love using dove too. their conditioner is amazing. thanks for the visit

  3. I'm a big fan of dove!!

  4. hi, very interesting, I love Dove too.
    Thanks for the visit :)

  5. Seems like a great product, but I wonder if it works for all hair types? :)
    - Sierra Calah ♥ http://www.berrystylishofficial.com/

  6. Dove has done a great job expanding their lines .. this product seems like it really works ... I like the before and after pics

  7. Good for putting up the Before and After photos! Shows that it straightens your hair a little after using Dove

  8. The before and after photos demonstrate a great difference. Good post

  9. good to show the before and after and its show's the product is good, thanks for sharing this post : )

  10. I like using Dove, not sure if this range available in Malaysia. Thanks for sharing

  11. Nice review and the product seems effective. My wife is also using Dove products.

  12. It looks that this products 's awesome for women. I think more Filipinos are buying for more.

  13. I used Dove few years ago, but it doesn't suit me. I can't get myself away from hair conditioner if I use Dove.

  14. I love to use Dove, too! It makes my hair stunningly beautiful! Can see drastic change, before and after the wash!

  15. I like most of Dove's products and have been using their moisturizing bar for years. I have recently started to use some of their hair care line and love it!

  16. Ok, That's a very visible before and after difference! Makes me want to try it too!

  17. Dove products are good :) But it doesn't suit me...

  18. I love that the before and after photos show a significant difference. I hope it works for me too!

  19. Works really good on your hair.I try dove shampoo before but it makes my hair full of dandruff yuck

  20. I like the scent of Dove products. It's also so effective in keeping the hair healthy.

  21. Parece ser um shampoo muito bom!

    Ótima quarta!

    Beijo! ^^

  22. Good to read your review, I do use hair color and my hair are getting very rough day by day. I was thinking to change my shampoo. After read your informative review post i will try to use this shampoo at least coming 3 to 4 months. Hope i will get some result.

  23. I used this products already but dove shampoo is not works on me that's why I stop using it. It's glad to know that it is working fine to you.

    Anyways, I love your hair especially the color of your hair. You had a beautiful and nice hair.

  24. I love your blog, I just started one, please check it out and follow me, I will follow you.

  25. i must agree! We both use this product, sister! Nice review, btw :)

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    Keep in Touch xx Rabea from germany

  27. I like Dove cosmetics:) please visit me in free time:)

  28. Dove Hair Therapy would be useful treatment i am so surprise to knew that. it should be benefit for hair growth.

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