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Friday, 8 August 2014

Sweet Touch Twin Cake - Shade 3W

This is first time I have purchased Sweet Touch any product. I decided to buy twin cake. I love to apply it on my daily BB cream. When I saw this in Chaseup; picked up promptly. 

What It Claims;
Matte finish twin cake gives smooth and radiant skin. It never cakes up on skin and it extremely fine powder keeps pore open. Available in 10 different shades for different skin tones.

Pink color packing looks really nice and sturdy as well.

Ingredients are mentioned on back side of packing.

It has two compartments;
One for powder
Other for sponge

Convenient and hygienic packing.  

I got mine in Rs. 665.

 Its perfect shade for my skin tone.

It comes with mirror too.

Sponge compartment.

Dry and wet application both possible with it. But I just apply it on my face after applying BB cream.

I have oily skin and  usually apply BB cream then cover that with compact powder.
It gives matte finish look. It works on my face to control oil up to 5 hours. Its texture is too good.

Can be applied with sponge and brush as well. But my preference is brush that gives flawless and equal tone.

What I like about Sweet Touch Twin Cake:
It gives flawless look.
Packing is too attractive.
Available in 10 shades.
Works on oily skin up to 6 hours.
It does not give skin heavy look.
Sponge is soft.
Natural scent.

What I don't like about Sweet Touch Twin Cake:
Its bit pricey.
Dry skin must be moisturized before applying this.

Visit their facebook page.

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  1. The packaging is great, makes me want to buy. For some reason I am now more intrigued by the outer appearance of products than the actual products. Great post :)


  2. Ooh! This looks good but it's a shame the price and the fact it could be drying let's it down! Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog! I will follow your blog ASAP! Have a fab summer xxx

  3. Looks great :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  4. Wow, seems like such an amazing product and it blends reslly well with your skin tone too

  5. it looks great!!


  6. wow this all looks awesome!


  7. The packaging is super but I need to stop buying so much makeup :) Shame that it was a bit pricey, that is often the case with good makeup hun xxx

  8. Nice, small and compact... easy to carry around. .. looks like a good product!

  9. It's nice that it comes in different shades. It can match to different skin tone and occasions.

  10. You will surely find the right color to match your skin tone if they have 10 colors to choose from! I am not loyal to any brand and since I have normal skin, when it's time to buy, I just buy what's on sale. My beauty regimen is lacking really.

  11. wow seems there's a lot to choose from. what can you recommend for me? my skin is tan? is this available here in manila? http://www.mariaronabeltran.com/

  12. looks like it's perfect for my skin :D


  13. I'll recommend this to my wife. She's fond of bringing powder like this on her bag when traveling. The color looks amazing.

  14. That looks like a nice wide mirror. And the packaging is so feminine! Love it.

  15. The package is so attractive. I think this will be a perfect gift for loved ones

  16. At first i thought it was about a cake you can eat lol, i like the looks and color of its compartment

  17. Cute container. I wasn't sure what the product was at first... Interesting name.

  18. Nice review.
    Followed you, check mt new blog at http://nerdbeautyandfashion.blogspot.com/


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