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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Anahilwa Lipstick-04

       Today I am giving review on lipstick. Its by Anahilwa.I am not dark lipstick color lover. I love soft colors. Its one of my favourite color.

                                                      It comes in sturdy packaging covered in plastic. 
                                                         Soft purple color.

My Thoughts:
                   I got this one from my best friend. Its soft color and it stays for long time. It does not make my lips heavy. :) It does not bleed. Its matte color. The color is super pigmented, I got this look just in one swipe. 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Japonesque Cheetah Pattern Tweezer

       Today I am giving review on tweezer by Japonesque. Now it has become my favourite.
                                                                                                        Here is look!

  •  The slanted tip lets you get super close to the roots.
  • Tweezer is wider at bottom.
  • Grip comfortably.
  • Appealing look.

My Thoughts:
                   As I am studying, So for me its tough to visit parlour. I was surprised to  see its beautiful look and its quite sharp. Its really amazing. It quickly removes the stray hairs. Easily grabs the stray hairs. :) Feel good and look good.

Visit their website.


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Caring for Your Contact Lenses

        Today I am gonna share with you my lens care routine. I dont wear lens regularly. I got a chance to give review on lenses. Here first I am gonna tell you how I open my lenses. =p

Always wash your hands with warm water and soap before handling contact lenses or before touching your eyes. Any residue from lotions, soaps, or chemicals may stick to the contact lens, causing pain, irritation, or blurred vision when they are in the eyes. Dry hands with a clean towel.

                                                                    Gently push the plastic cap upward on the side.
 There are more cuts on the metal seal to make the removal easier. Just keep steadily pushing until it opens up like this.
                                                 The case with new circle lenses are soak in water + salt in their vials, which may cause irritation and burning sensation.Take out lens from the bottle and put on palm. 

                  You should never keep the old solution, you have to always use new solution.
              I recommend you always soak your new opened lenses in a good multi purpose solution for at least 10 hours before wearing them.


My Thoughts:
  • Starting off, you should wash your hands with anti-bascterial hand wash before touching the lenses.

  •  The lenses must be kept in fresh solution everytime you store them, I suggest everytime you take off the lenses you should change the solution in the lens case.

  •  You should also clean your lens cases often with hot water and leave to air dry.

  • If we're talking about new lenses I would wash my hands with anti bacterial soap, then pop the lenses into a lens case with new solution and leave for 1 night - Usually I suggest 8-10 hours before wearing.

  • Remember to wash the lens case too, trapped bacteria can lead to eye infections too.

Earlier I got burnt in eyes after wearing lenses, it because of not changing solution. Kindly change the solution after every use. Earlier, I never used to keep lenses soak in fresh solution for 8-10 hours after opening new lenses.:( Now thank you my dear blogger friend Emi Doll for beautiful informative tips and it works really. You should also try this. :)

Thank you

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Jade -Color Studio Pro. Haute Nails

      I am nail polish lover. Today I am wearing Jade nail color. Its very soft lovely color.

 My Thoughts:
                     I am in very pleasant mood today. So I decided to wear it with my matching dress. Color studio nail polishes are superb. Its easily available in Lahore. Proce reasonable. Its brush is amazing. I just applied two coats on my nails. Jade my one of favourite. 

Rs. 250

Thursday, 16 August 2012

OOTD & FOTD- Round Neck Gray Lawn Tunic

Today weather quite cool here. I was just fed up with summers and of staying home. Decided to visit my cousin's palace. 

I am wearing Gray Lawn Tunic designed by my friend. My friend recently opened her boutique with economic range prices. I just visited her boutique and she forced me to buy something. =P My mom mostly do my shopping, because I am not aware of stuff and quality. =D hehe 

  • I selected lawn tunic because I feel comfortable in loose fitting and 3/4 quarter sleeves. 
  • The uniqueness of this tunic is bold colourful embroidery on front and back side of neck and sleeves.
  • Coordinated with white and grey churidar tights but I bought only tunic, I love to wear with jeans.

  • Price Rs. 1750 only for lawn tunic.

                                                               Borjan Shoes: Rs 550

My Thoughts:
                    My mom really liked it. Because stuff and embroidery too good, stitched well. Really comfortable. I like airy dresses because in summer its good. Actually I am also loving it because its really suiting me. I am wearing it with blue churidar jeans. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wholesale-dress.net - review

Wholesale-dress.net is an Asian online clothing wholesaler that sells super cheap clothes, shoes and accessories. They accept payment via Credit Card, PayPal and Western Union money transfer.

  • Huge Collection of clothes, accessories, shoes etc.
  • Very cheap prices.
  • I thing i must say, very fast shipping, I got my package in one week. :):)
  • You can track your parcel.
  • Through affiliated programme with wholesale-dress.net, they offered me to select items of $15 for review.
Here is look what I got,

  1. Wing shaped black ring                                              $0.35
  2. Cute curled moustache shaped black ring                     $0.41
  3. Rhinestone studded skull shape alloy necklace gold       $0.95
  4. Charming casual v-neck stripe long sweater black         $4.59
I am simply loving the whole stuff. Superb.

                                                       Both rings are adjustable.

My Thoughts:
                   I am jewellery lover. It was my dream to have moustache ring. I finally got from wholesale-dress.net. Yay =D Both rings are adjustable. Skull necklace is so cute but quite heavy. Today I am wearing it with my yellow tunic. The jersey is cute but quality not so much superb. Its of $4.59, basically you get what you pay for.

                            If you are searching for some unique and inexpensive items so must buy from wholesale-dress.net. One thing more please mention the size of your jersey and dresses etc. before ordering.If you really wanna buy then click it, I will get commission

  • I have seen many video tutorials regarding quality, kindly trust on me, there quality is fine according to monetary value. 
  • Don't get panic of Asian websites, they are selling all possible fashion items on cheap prices.
  • Package beautifully packed.
  • Shipping so fast.  
Visit their facebook page.

Note: All pictures taken by me. 

Disclaimer: This product(s) was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product(s) was free does not influence my opinion at all.