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Saturday, 22 December 2012


Hello Everyone :)

Today I am introducing www.mattifycosmetics.com  Mineral makeup really good for skin and its long lasting. Mattify Cosmetics introduced the makeup especially for oily skin.

  • 1 Transparen powder for oil
  • 1 maffiy body shimmer
  • 1 Disco Sunset
  • 1 Fields of Gold
  • 1 Harmony Blush

  • Mattify's transparent powder can be worn four different ways:

    Alone - to cover redness, pores, and to absorb oil
    Before foundation - as a primer 
    After foundation - to set your make-up
    Before and after foundation - for the ultimate oil protection 

  • The eye shadows and bronzer are loose pigments that come in sifter jars ($4.99 for a 5g eye shadow jar and $5.99 for a 30g bronzer jar). These and other Mattify! Cosmetic products contain oil absorbing Kaolin clay. Kaolin can be found in cosmetic products as well as cleansers and face masks to name a few, and it’s an ingredient with the ability to dry the skin and in some cases even fight acne and inflammation.
  • Fields of Gold is transparent shimmery gold. I am really loving that.
  • Go and must try there products. These are safe products and will not irritate your skin. I am using them. 
  • Reasonable price.

Mattify! Cosmetics
Ph: 775-338-5764


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  2. That looks good. Have a nice day and Merry Christmas.


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