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Monday, 12 January 2015

VINCE Anti Scar Cream For All Skin Types

I am sharing my experience with a new brand cream. I am using it from past 3 weeks and yes it works =) xxx 

Vince Anti Scar loosens the debris and dirt on the surface of the skin and lets you wash away the contaminants that often cause scar breakouts. It also helps unclog pores, which is part of the reason why scar forms in the first place. It is made especially to penetrate all layers of the skin in seconds and to target all scar causing bacteria deep within the skin and pores.
Once applied, Vince Antiscar cream is absorbed by the dermis and epidermis of the skin. The cream reduces the fat content in the tissue and forms an external thin protective film to prevent environmental damage and to reserve a suitable quantity of moisture for the skin.

It relieves visual signs of ageing and skin fatigue and can also improve the appearance of cellulite. It also adds a shimmer to the skin.

Vince Anti Scar softens the area of the scar by improving the texture and tone of the skin so that the appearance of scars fades and the skin is restored to a more natural color.

Clinically proven to visibly reduce acne marks and scars. Give your skins a chance to start re-generation/reconstruction. Apply a thick layer of cream onto freshly cleansed face. Only apply on the effected areas of the face. Clean your face with Vince Oil Control Face Wash before applying it.

 Product Benefits: Anti Scar Cream has a powerful skin regenerative property which encourages new cell growth diminishing the size of scars, improves natural skin color and restores skin tissue elasticity.

Application: Apply a thick layer of cream onto freshly cleansed face. Only apply on the effected areas of face. Before use wash your face with  face wash.

  • Specifically designed for asian & arabic skin types
  • Smoothes the scar skin
  • For all skin types
  • 3x stronger effects
  • Anti scar
  • Cleanix
Use it regular to get best result.

Rs. 695

                 © All pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise.


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  18. Oh I love a good face product! This looks like it works amazing. I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing, gal!


  19. Can this cream help reduce cut scars?

  20. Was in a car accident over a year ago and I had bad scaring from the drivers side window in my upper arm. I let it go and never treated the scars I figured the would just fade overtime (they didn't). My friend finally convinced me to try the Dr Max Powers Scar Serum and I'm happy I did. I'm only on my second jar of the Dr Max Powers Scar Cream and my scars are a lot smoother (less raised) and are blending much better with my flesh tone as they were extremely red.

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  22. seem to be a very good product you can also try wide range of beauty products from Bajaj Nomarks. They also provide anti marks cream which is very useful and very effective.

  23. I bought this product but unable to open the bottle. �� anyone can help?

  24. Hi, can we use this product on sun spots? Will it be effective? Reply plz


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