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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Hand & Feet Whitening Formula

In winter season if you are worrying about hand feet whitening then you must try this formula cream. You need below products;
  • Vaseline Lotion
  • Glycerin
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • 10 Whitening Capsules
  • 1 Biocos Whitening Emergency Serum

You need 100 ml Vaseline lotion (Whitening lotion is must you can take any whitening lotion; I am using Vaseline as its having nice whitening affect), add two tbs glycerin, 2 tbs Aloe Vera Gel (Market Aloe Vera Gel must be used), 10 whitening capsules & 1 Biocos Whitening Emergency Serum. Mix all items in a well way. You can mix it a container then shift it to a empty lotion bottle. Apply it as a night lotion on your hand & feet. Don't use it on face. Its only for hand & feet. I am using it for along time. It gives a nice whitening affect. Its not instant whitening lotion. It works slowly. 

Complete video of this Hand & Feet Whitening Formula; I have shared on my YouTube Channel. 

Check out this video;
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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Pakistani Wedding Dresses Collection 2018

I am back with an amazing post. Wedding Season is up and everyone wants to wear stunning designs on such occasions . So you can get idea by this post that Eastern Wedding Dresses are famous as they are eye catching in look, design and attracts everyone attention. I always in search of eye catching as well economic dresses for such occasions and finally my destination ended over this site. Shalwar kameez, Lehnga Choli, Sharara, gharara, short short with trouser, maxi dress every style is in fashion its upto you how you carry these dresses so you can buy stitched dresses from this site and can get stitch upto your requirement. I prefer to wear colorful dresses as it adds vibrant look to personality. Rest you can wear color of your own choice. This site contains dresses of almost all in colors and you can visit it and buy as they deliver at your door step.

Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Blue Wedding Dresses

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Mini Eid Haul - Limelight, Khaadi & ECS

I got this stuff for Eid. 2 dresses and 1 shoes. Limelight dress in PKR 1490, Khaadi dress in PKR 2500 & ECS shoes in PKR 1360.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

J. Perfume Sapphire

J. is offering versatile product line. I love the most perfumes. Its economic. Best thing 25ml we can buy in Rs. 585/- during regular purchase. You can also buy it on off when they offer off on their products . 

Sapphire is floral woody musk fragrance. As per website. But I feel its smell like fresh oranges. hahah !!! May be you think differ. 

You can easily carry this 25ml bottle in your bag.
J. Sapphire for woman.
As per price it lasts for few time.
It adds freshness to your whole look.

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Monday, 18 June 2018

ECS Shoes - Maroon Straps

I am shoes lover. I will share my shoes collection with you very soon. I bough few pairs from ECS for Eid. They have beautiful summer shoes collection. Design and quality is amazing. Price Rs. 1250/- I love to wear shoes with straps so I have added this one in my shopping bag. Maroon color is simply awesome in this shoes. Although it was available in blue color as well.

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