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Sunday, 16 December 2018

GlutaMAX Skin Whitening Cream - Medicated Skin Whitening Cream

Few months I did consult with dermatologist and asked about discoloration and fairness cream then Dr. prescribed GlutaMAX Skin Whitening Cream. I have been using this since from last five months. After using this cream I am able to write a post on it. I have oily skin and having discoloration on my chin area. Dr. told to use it as a night cream, after washing my face I apply a thin layer of this cream on my face. Its having jelly like consistency. After sometime you will feel its a peel of mask but don't worry it doesn't remove from face. Its for all skin types. It contains reduced gultathione which helps to improve the complexion. You have to use it regular for best results as its steroids free. After one month you will feel improvement in your complexion. As its shelf life is 3 years and price Rs. 1500/- and its available on all medical stores. Its container is in aluminum reflection container with mirror reflexion lid. 

With the regular use of this cream your skin will become healthier, younger, firmer, smoother and obviously whiter. :)
You need to use this cream two to six months for best results. I am also using GlutaMAX Skin Whitening soap along with this cream, soap price Rs. 400/-. For best results this combination is perfect.

  • After application of this cream gently do massage on your face; do not rub it harshly.
  • It doesn't give instant whitening.
  • Its medicated skin whitening cream so no side affects.

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