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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Wishtrend - Confume Argan Oil Treatment

I am quite possessive about my hair. Few months back I have suffered with severe hair fall and dandruff problem. All problems raised just because of hair dying. I consulted with dermatologist then after 3 months treatment. Alhamdullah now strong and shiny hair. Besides medical treatment I am using  Confume Argan Oil Treatment from wishtrend. I am  using it on regular basis.

It comes in 2 in 1  deal.
I got this bit late but i am loving it. 

Protects the hair from heat,at the same time shorteningthe hair-drying time.

 Brand : CONFUME

Volume : 120ml + 25ml + 25ml more !

All Hair Types (Dry, Damaged Hair)
Made in Korea

The best of all Moroccan oil Hair products, 
Argan Treatment Oil

  • Moroccan oil contains twice as much of Vitamin E components than Olive Oil 
    and its moisture supply ability is 4 times better than that of Olive Oil.



  • Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Disiloxane, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil , Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate , Frangrance.

 USD 20.50

 Its having transparent color. 
Sweet fragrance.

 After washing my water with mixing Argan oil in my medicated shampoo.

  • Absorbed to every single strand of hair, granting moisture and elasticity to it. 
For dry and damaged skin, it allows deep moisturizing effect and protection from the heat.


How To use: 
                                                      Use it before drying your hair. 
                                           You can protect the damage your hair 
                                                would get from the hair dryer.
                                               Mix a certain amount of Argan oil 
                                                 with shampoo or Treatment 
                                               to boost the supply of nutrition 
                                                                     to your hair.

My Experience:
  • I have never used Argan oil before.
  • First time I have used it; its amazing.
  • I have straight hair and this adds shine to my hair.
  • I used it in my regular medicated shampoo.
  • It gives nourishment to my hair.
  • My hair feels so soft after using this.
  • It does not leave hair oily.
  • Its not greasy.
  • I have added many pictures to show you the result.
  • I am having chemically treated hair and it works great on the.
  • It decreases the time of dryness.
  • It maintains the liveliness.
  • I am also using it on my legs as I get allergy after waxing; it really smooths the skin.

   My be you don't like it because:
    • Its not easily available.
    • Its bit expensive.    
    • Description is not mentioned in English on product.                     
    Click to buy   www.wishtrend.com

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    All pictures are taken by me.


    1. Nice post...m yet to try argan oil but surely have to do that soon...
      Check my latest video-
      Watch "Everyday office school college makeup" on YouTube - Everyday office school college makeup: http://youtu.be/k8hxPCqKM3o

    2. Nice post...m yet to try argan oil but surely have to do that soon...
      Check my latest video-
      Watch "Everyday office school college makeup" on YouTube - Everyday office school college makeup: http://youtu.be/k8hxPCqKM3o

    3. Great post, I'm glad you got that problem resolve. I love organ oil as well, I usually apply it to my hair while it's wet before I do my roller set. I love it, great result at all time...

      1. Often I used to apply on wet hair except roots.

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    5. nice !


    6. Love your blog!



    7. I'm using it now also, I bought it in Morocco and is really amazing!!


    8. I need to try this - my hair's gotten so dry lately!

    9. It's a great product. I'm using a similar one called ORO LÍQUIDO (gold liquid) and used for years.
      Great post dear! Keep in touch!

      Lady Trends
      http://myladytrends.blogspot.com.es/ NEW POST!!

    10. Want to try it!!! Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com

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    13. I've heard so much good opinions about argan oil, I have to try it finally!
      Thank you so much for visiting me, honey! I'm following you too now!

    14. I am going to try this. I have noticed my hair is becoming really dry and coarse so this will def help! Thanks for the tip!

      Lets keep in touch and follow each other on bloglovin! I always follow back!

      Love from Canada,

      Marie from Elle Charie

    15. i have just folloewd you xx pinkielicius.blogspot.com

    16. First of all - I envy you your hair! :)
      This products seems nice, I would love to try it, greetings <3


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