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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Artist Ink Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - Midnight Ink by Luscious Cosmetics

I am eyeliner loving girl. So far I have tried eye liners of many brands. Today I am introducing the Luscious Artist Ink - Midnight Ink. Luckily I got a chance to try the Pakistan top Cosmetics brand eyeliner which they have introduced recently. :) 

Its Available in 4 shades;

  • I am gonna review on Midnight Ink. Here is a look of its packing. It contains all description.

  • The plastic casrton is attractive and contains all info. regarding product.

  •  Its comes in small glass tub with a platic cap.Is also comes with a double ended liner brush.
  • The brush having sleek black color. 
  • Its professional liner brush.

  •  The glass tiny tub contains 3.5g gel eyeliner.

  •  The lid contains the first word of brand name. 

  • The color of gel eye liner is intense black.

  • An ultra smooth gel eyeliner with a deep, inky intensity that sets quickly to a waterproof finish for 24 hour wear.
    Each shade comes with a FREE double-ended brush featuring a fine liner brush on one side and a soft liner brush on the other, to unleash the artist in you. Create a smoky effect or a sharp line for on-trend eyeliner looks.

  •  The  one side of brush having thick bristles. Its having plastic lid so its easy to keep it anywhere.
  • The bristles are soft.

  •  The other end of the brush having thin bristles. Its also comes with plastic lid.
  • Apply by dipping the desired side of the brush into the gel, making sure the brush is coated evenly. Apply in short quick strokes starting from the inner corner of the eye. Wipe the brush clean before storing.

  •  The gel is smooth and creamy.
  • The finish of gel eyeliner is matte.
  • It dries fastly.

  • Its very difficult to smudge it. I tried alot to smudge it and here you can see in picture.

  •  I applied the  gel eyeliner with thin end of the brush. The brush makes it easy to apply as you can thick or thin strokes which is really good. The color is intense black.
  • It lasts a great deal of time.
  • I love to apply wing out liner.

  • Overall this one's worth a try! I'l definately buy this one again. It doesn't fade or smudge. 
  • Price: Rs. 895/-
  • visit www.iloveluscious.com
  • You must try out this one.


  1. thats nice i would love to try

  2. Lovely review!

  3. This is a great review ! I also love to wear black eyeliner :)


  4. Great post! I love the way you did your eye makeup. I have been practicing t put the cat-eye makeup for quite some time now and it is still king of difficult to do.

    Btw thanks for visiting my blog!!


  5. These gel linears seem great and soft! I really like the brush, it looks like its really good quality :)



  6. Looks lovely! Gel liners always dry up so fast, the only thing I on´t like about them..but the effect is so smooth and soft!
    Great review!


  7. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    This liner looks worth a try, I've only tried one gel liner before and it smudged a lot, and I love the idea of a thicker brush x

  8. Great post!! I think I should choose gel eyeliner instead of pencil eyeliner :D


  9. wow! <3333 very good :)

    enter my new giveaway!
    - A.

  10. Love the liner, and esp the brush looks amazing,

  11. luscious products are very good..
    havent tried this one yet.. will get soon

    good review

    gfc : sadi

  12. eyeliner is a product applied above the eyelashes and if applied with eyelashes it gives you extra beauty literally


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