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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Say GoodBye To Dark Complexion - Beauty Secret

Today I am going to share my beauty secret with you guys. Listen guys I am using this night cream for last four months. Found a great improvement in complexion.

So here are ingredients;
  1. Sandal Beauty Cream   [Full Cream]
  2. Marvi Beauty Cream     [Full Cream]
  3. Garnier Light Fariness + Anti Dark Spots Cream      [1 table spoon]
  4. Himalaya Herbal Fairness Cream                           [1 table spoon]

  • If Hamaliya cream is not available with you then you can also use these three creams

                                    Sandal beauty cream comes in this packing.
                                                                   Price Rs. 185
                                                     Light Pink Color Cream inside it.
                                     Marvi Beauty Cream comes in this packing.
                                                         Light pinkish color.

                                                                     Rs. 99/- Perfect for acne and spots.
                                             For fairness and it also helps to reduce acne and spots. Rs. 150/-

  • It helps to reduce the spots and acne. I personally observed my acne spots have disappeared. I was having a acne spot on my right cheek and some on foreheads; with the regular use of  this cream; all vanished.

  • Its effective cream. I am using Hamaliya as day cream as well; amazing result. As I have added 1 tbl spoon in night cream; it helps to reduce the acne, spots as well gives the fair complexion.

  •  After mixing all creams; it will look like this.
  • I am using it from last four  months.
  • Before going to sleep apply it on face.
  • It doesn't cause irritation.
  • It smells great.
  • These two beauty creams are thick but Garnier and Hamaliya makes it thin.
  • In start you will feel difference in first two weeks.
  • I got pinkish cheeks :)
  • Its my honest review. I am using it on regular basis.
  • Everyday I feel a great improvement in complexion. 
This is  my friend's beauty secret which she has shared with me few months ago. I was quite panic as had heard side effects of night creams. But on her advice I decided to try this. In first few weeks I felt I am getting desired results. But when one of my friend said Hina you are getting beautiful day by day. OMG =) that day I got realized that its working. At that time I was comparing the results with my friend's complexion. It works. Alhamdullah no side effect. Its quite cheap beauty secret. It you wanna get fair complexion then you must try this. 

  • My personal experience with this cream is superb.
  •  As you can add Natural Face in it rather than Marvi Beauty Cream. So far I have not used the Natural Face but my friend suggested to replace the Marvi with natural Face.

Rating: 5/5
Use at your own risk. I am sharing my personal experience.

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  1. Very nice blog! I'm followong you now)) I love Himalaya cream, it's great!

  2. Thank you for this great review! That Garnier cream looks great, I want to try it :) xxx

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  4. I follow your blog. :) Nice post, great blog. ^^


  5. Very nice!

  6. Thats super awesome thanks for sharing

  7. I'm willing to try those products
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  9. thanks for the comments ;) great post

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    When it's correct I wanna follow u again :)

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  13. Himalayas fairness cream really works well !!

  14. Sounds like an awesome product

  15. wow, I've never heard about Himalaya, Sandal and Marvi!
    Thanks for introducing! Great post :)


  16. wow grat thank dear jzak allah

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  17. where can i buy this product from

  18. I heard abt arche,fair&lovely and stillman..now I'm confused...which one sld I try..

  19. Plz tel me it contain any chemicals like mercury and steroids and has any side effect ?

  20. Replies
    1. yes it does. the cream worked wonders for me.

  21. Hi are you still using marvi and sandal cream? Any side effects. I want to buy some but yours is the only review I have seen so am a bit skeptical

    1. I am sharing my personal experience. Use it at ur own risk. Thank You

  22. hi ..can you tell me where can i get original marvi,sandAL cream in india?

    1. call 8019359227 to buy this call in india

  23. How's the results now? Where can i buy this from in Pakistan?

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  26. Heyy, I love sandal cream, I'm gonna try this out.


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