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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Pond's White Beauty - Daily Spot Less Lightening Cream

Today I a reviewing on one of unique day cream which works in actual :)  I grabbed it 3 weeks ago. I got mine in Rs. 190. I was not expecting the tremendous result by it. Earlier I have tried may products of Pond's which don't disappoint me. I am having oily skin with few spots otherwise skin is ok. ALHAMDULILAH!

Packing is really attractive. Description & ingredients are mentioned on it.

I am using it daily before going out.
Then I applied compact powder it looks perfect on my skin.
It neither greasy nor dry on my skin.

My Thought:
It reduced the spot on my cheek and forehead.
Its working.
I got glowing skin.
It does what It claims.
My skin looks glowing.
My oily skin feels great after using it.
My skin is getting fair day by day.
It adds glow.


Rs. 190.
Easily available in market.
Price reasonable.

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