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Saturday, 24 November 2012

STEAMCREAM "Chagrin" Simple Quality SkinCare

      Today I am giving review on  STEAMCREAM "Chagrin" Simple Quality SkinCare. It is latest concept in skin care.

  • High Quality
  • Natural
  • Traceable Raw Ingredients are bound by a steam infused process to create a hydrating, easily absorbed and luxurious vegan cream for face, body and hands.
  • Constantly changing, limited  edition Aluminum Tins give a funky twist to an otherwise serious cream.

  •  Soften, hydrates and nourishes all skin types.
  •  Light and easily absorbed.
  •  Freshly handmade in England.

My Thoughts:

  •  SteamCream sent me out Chagrin, a fun and floral design which was produced in limited quantities.
  •  It's a nice product, feels nice on the skin and did actually leave my skin feeling soft.
  •  I'm probably more impressed by the tin.
  •  Its not greasy. :)
  •  The fragrance is light, natural and clean.
  •  The little orange box the tin comes in, is totally recyclable. The tin is small enough  for travel yet large enough to hold a good amount of product; 75 grams (just under 3 ounches) to be exact. It's vegan-friendly, expires after 6 months.
  •  Re-use the tin once the cream is finished. Its perfect for storing jewellery. :) 

Disclaimer: My opinion on this product sent to me as a PR sample,  honest and my own. 


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  2. lovely blog.

  3. I love that tin... It's so cute :) I just started following your blog- it's amazing!


  4. perfect review, loves it.

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