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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Current Hair Care Routine

Today I am sharing my current hair care routine. I was suffering with severe hair fall and dandruff. After using so many medicines, shampoos & remedies. I found this effective. So I am sharing it with you guys.

 Rs. 347

Rs. 170

Perfectil Capsules
It contains 30 capsules. For skin, hair and nails. Suggested by dermatologist. Its by VITABIOTICS company. Easily available in market.

Elline hair Oil
Its best for hail fall and dandruff. 

My Thought:
I am using the capsules from last 1 month. Effective results.
Hair fall reduced upto 20%-30%.
Its 3 month course I will use it for 2 months more.
It stimulates the hair growth.
Each capsule contains the essential nutrient.
Hair oil is perfect to stop  hair fall and dandruff.

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  1. Interesting products! I'm glad to hear it's working for you. :)


  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing!♥

    Brittany// Polka and Dots

  3. Nice products!

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  4. Thanks for sharing your routine. To me oil coconut makes my hair silky.
    Thanks for following, I follow you too. xoxo

  5. lovely post!


  6. lovely post!


  7. Nice!!! If its really effective, i must try it! ;)
    I really like your blog, surely ill come back here, and I invite u to visit mine, would u like to follow each other on GFC? ;)
    Kisses, and xmasm wishes from Poland!

  8. Such a great post!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    xx Lia

  9. u have an amazing blog than yoou so much for visiting m blog and following me
    stay in touch much love Xoxo

  10. this is really nice, i cant keep to it..lol
    check out my new post http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2015/02/whatsblog.html
    thank you

  11. nunca he probado pastillas la verdad pero no me parecen malos productos

  12. Dear does it really works because I have very thin hair and hair fall problem both


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