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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Fashion Avenue Hair Oil

I have posted many posts on Hair Care on my blog. Today I am sharing my experience with Fashion Avenue Hair Oil. I am suffering with hair fall & dandruff. The reason is hair dye and stress. I have consulted with many dermatologist and tried many home remedies. Result was for time being. I got a chance to try this oil.

After three weeks of regular use I am able to post review on this hair oil.

Its home made oil and available in 200ml plastic bottle of Rs. 490.

What this oil claims
Best Oil for Hair Fall, Dandruff, Patches and All problems of Hair. One Solution for all matters.

Customer service is amazing.

Before using this hair oil I was suffering with severe hair fall and dandruff. I was worrying a lot. Meanwhile got a chance to try this hair oil. I was having a layer of dandruff on my scalp. I started trying this oil on my scalp. After first wash I felt that hair turned smooth and dandruff started shedding away.

Hair Oil:
Its a mixture of oil & herbs. In bottom you can see the herbs powder. Before using it shake it well.

My Thought:
Its effective. It works like magic. After first wash I feel a huge difference. Dandruff is almost vanished. Hiar fall has decreased upto 2-5%. I will keep using this oil for long time. Its helping in hair growth. Use mild shampoo to wash out hair.

After 3 weeks of regular use; you can see shine in my hair. Both in room light & day light.

Before purchase tell the owner about your hair issues. I would suggest to buy this amazing hair oil. I am hoping that before ending this bottle I will get rid of hair fall. InshaAllah.
Amazing results. I am loving soft texture of my hair.

Click to buy Fashion Avenue Hair Oil
Call to buy this hair oil +923006323082

Economically affordable.
No harmful on hair & scalp.
One hair oil for all type of hair problems.

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  1. Your hair looks great! I would like to try this oil)

  2. Your hair really recovered!

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  3. la differenza è notevole


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  5. Wow it really worked. Your hair looks perfect :)
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  6. i really like this!:) have an amazing day!


  7. Very interesting post!
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    Wish you a nice weekend :-)
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  8. Amazing review! Thanks for sharing:)


  9. Look and sounds like this oil had great success!

    What Raj Wants

  10. Mothers Man Hair Treatment oil has unique blends formula of hair fall control along with the remedy of moisturizer and improves hair texture.


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