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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Airpufs High Heel Insoles


Today I am reviewing on Airpufs High Heel Insoles which are quite unique in nature. I am excited to try this. I love to wear heels so found it interesting. 

What Company says about it :)
To help women everywhere rekindle their romance with their most beautiful shoes.
Born 35,000ft in the air, Airpufs is a single girl's crusade to end the tyranny of beautiful but painful shoes. A globetrotting shoe collector by profession*, she realized her delicate heels transformed into instruments fit for the torture chamber after a mere 2 hours of wear**.
Determined not to succumb to life 3 inches shorter in flats, our heroine scoured the world for solutions to her footwear woes, recruiting a bevy of colleagues, friends and family as guinea pigs. After a period of test driving insoles with the zeal of Edison searching for lightbuld filament, she discovered a magical material*** that could tame even the most stubbornly painful of heels. Thus, Airpufs was born...So that women everywhere could live happily ever after with their beautiful shoes.

These are adhesive strips. Reusable. 

My Thought:
Available in pretty prints.
Peel off the side and stick it inside sole.
I feel like waling on clouds.
Material is so soft.
$16 each.
It works on all type of soles.
You can use it 6-8 times.

Click to buy Airpufs


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