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Sunday, 15 April 2012

BornPrettyStore !!! Hello Kitty Stamping Kit by HINA NAZ !

I have got my parcel few days back , just loving it :):) xxxx
Bornprettystore sent it to me for review. I got it in about 2 and half weeks.

The Hello Kitty & Floral Stamping Nail Art Kit W/ 3 pcs Nail Stamp is a beginner's kit which contains all the necessary things needed for us nail lovers to do simple and cute nail art on our nails via stamping. Here's a photo of what the kit looks like.

The stamping kit contains a stamp and a scraper (both in pink), 2 stamping plates (Hello Kitty and Floral) and three bottles of nail polishes (red, green and blue.)

f you have absolutely no idea as to how this thing works, you can always read the instruction at the back. I must say that I am quite impressed with the instructions on this product, because unlike most China products, the written English is almost perfect and is very much understandable.

Instructions on Nail Stamping

Prepare the necessary things you will be needing (i.e. stamp, scraper, nail polish, nail polish remover and the stamping plate).
Check if your base nail polish has already dried because you wouldn't want to mess up your nails.
Choose the design that you want from the plate. Apply a small amount of nail polish on the design, making sure that the whole area of the design is covered.
Grab the scraper and scrape of excess nail polishes.
Using the stamp, quickly stamp it on the plate so as to make the design transfer on the rubber stamp.
After checking that the design has transferred to the stamp, you are now ready to stamp it on your nails. When it has dried up already, apply a top coat.

The stamp and scraper that came with the kit comes in a pretty pink color which I absolutely love. The scraper has a plastic finish, and so I doubt if it will last long.

The kit also contained two stamping plates.

The prize of course is another thing. Its actually very very cheap, and you also get free shipping. That's what I love the most about Born Pretty Store <3
So if you guys want to try nail art stamping, I definitely recommend this stamping kit to you. Its very much affordable because it retails for only $8.77.

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