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Sunday, 5 May 2013

A Box From Wishtrend

       Today I am reviewing what I got by wishtrend. I got Enca AC Drying Pink Powder, Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB24 cream sample and Skinmiso nose pack.

First of all about ENCA AC Drying Pinky Powder by wishtrend. I am enough lucky to try this amazing product. I was having little bit acne on skin, that was quite annoying for me. I am using it and mirracleously I found great change on my skin. First let me tell you about product.

  • AC Drying Pinky Powder will return your smileby soothing the most tenacious skin troubles and
    and maintain your skin to its mildest and softest form.

Brand : Rojukiss
Trouble skin Type
Volume: 15ml
Made in Korea

  • It comes a beautiful small bottle. 
  • Alcohol+powder in it.
  • Don't shake it before use.
  • Its having strong smell. Its not long lasting smell.
  • It reduces the redness.
  • The powder dries quickly.

My Thought:
                 I have tried this in night because I want to get quickly results. :P The results were surprising for me. Applied on acne and they were quite vanished in morning. But some scars become little bit visible; that were scary for me. I have applied the pinky powder with cotton bud. I am still using it, have shared pictures. 

  • Next Day acne becomes invisible almsot. Results you can see from pictures.
All the pictures taken by me.

Visit. wishtrend.com to buy this.


  1. The drying pinky powder seems to have worked really well!

    Need to get me some of that for when I'm having a spotty day!



  2. This is amazing, Lovely review girl!

  3. Love your blog, would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin '? Let me know :). Nice post !

  4. Ah wow the effects are really visible, I have really bad trouble with acne so I understand how annoying it can be.

    I've also followed via GFC, please return the favour!



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