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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Shopping Experience with Welovecolors.com

Its season of shopping for me. N doubt !!! Buying more and more new and unique items. Some weeks ago I got socks for review from welovecolors.com; but unfortunately got different color and size of pair but company is so responsible they resolved the issue and did excuse. So nice of them. I got following items;

Add a bit of color to your kix or be ahead of the fashion trend and put a few colors together to create an amazingly unique hair accessory. With 51 colors to choose you can change your look daily.

  •  $2 each.

  •  Light Pink
  • Neon Pink.
  • Kelly Green.

  •  These are really funky colors.

  •  Adding new look to shoes by changing colorful laces.
  • Quality is good.
  • Its obviously flat laces.

  •  Laces are available in different sizes as well.
  • These funky colors add feminine look to my sneakers.
  • Its really easy and fun for me to daily change laces of my white sneakers.

  •  All are cotton laces and they are stretchable.
  • Colorful laces add refreshing look to my sneakers.
  • You can also lace back shoes in different ways by adding two colors.

Nylon/Lycra MicroFiber Solid Color Tights

Incredibly soft, stretchy and durable 80 denier Microfiber Tights (90% Nylon / 10% Lycra). These tights are full-footed with a medium thickness and solid opaque color. Available in our 51 colors

  •  Light orange really soft color tight.
  • $13 its price.
  • Tights are so soft.

  •  I am having 5'5 height so its enough long for me.
  • Quality is really good.

  •  It can be pulled up easily.

  •  They are very comfortable to wear.

  •  Stitched very well.

  •  Teal obviously my favorite color.

  •  Don't wash it in washing machine.

  •  It fits very well to me.

  •  Quality is amazing.
  • Its not  so much thick so it can be wore in summer easily. Its quite thin.

  • I got my parcel through Fedex. 
  • Quick delivery. Depends on mode of delivery.
  • Fedex envelop is sturdy so it keeps stuff safe.
  • As card is wrapped around the tights so it bit tough to remove that.
  • Quality is good.
  • It will go long.
  • Choose the size according to your height.
  • 51 colors are available in tights.
  • I am really loving all stuff.
Click to buy from www.welovecolors.com

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