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Monday, 16 June 2014

Design Your Own t-Shirt From HICustom.net

I got an opportunity to design my own picture custom t-shirt. I found this website perfect to design custom t-shirts, iphone, ipad cases and accessories for him, her and kids as well. 

Choosing from millions of designs and create your own t-shirts, hoodies, cases, mugs and so on. With Hicustom easy- to- use design software, only 3 steps can work out your good looking personalized products.

Their customer service is so friendly. I got my parcel in 2 weeks.
Processing and shipping time is 2 days. 

I have selected pure cotton t shirt in medium size. 
Then selected my picture by keeping the size 2000*2000.
Its easy to post picture in mid by their tools.

I am loving my t-shirt.
Its total cost is $18.85.
Shirt is stitched very well.
Quality of shirt is good.
I got the same printed picture as I have provided too them on website in design.

May Be You Don't Like It:

Picture is not very visible as i was expecting.

Thanks HICustom.net
Visit their facebook page

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  1. woww i would like to have a tea mug

  2. Great t-shirt dear!! I love it and the price is so good!


  3. Awwww Thats awesome and cool ,i love white t shirts Loved it

  4. Thanks you mentioned that leave me a link of your blog,it sounds nice and your attitude,feeling great to meet such a nice blogger :) :)

  5. This is time saving as you dont need to go to store to order your shirt

  6. Such an original T-shirt, love the concept
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog :)

    See you xx

  7. Really nice and classy blog . I want to invite you to mine :) Maybe you would like to follow each other ?If yes let me know , follow me , i ll do the same asap :*

  8. Nice shirt. It is loose on the neck...

  9. Thats soo cute..I'm not sure if i would like to print my own photo on a shirt and wear it.. But i would love the idea of getting some design made my me printed. Also can use it to gift someone :)

  10. Cool that you can print and customize your own shirt. Wish that the image is crisper and clearer but you said you expected it that way. It could be a nice gift to family and friends on their birthdays!

  11. Nice shirts you have there! I really like the customizable shirts and design your own. Thanks for this :)

  12. This is a cool thing..Customizing T shirt sounds quite interesting

  13. Love this! Especially the skirt! Nice thing to have things done by you and how you want it
    Francine A,

  14. Love this! Especially the skirt! Nice thing to have things done by you and how you want it
    Francine A

  15. Wow,thats so interesting
    Love how it looks
    Keep intouch

  16. Looks fun! It would be nice to design your own t-shirt.

  17. Thanks for sharing this site.This is such a great for everyone who would love to make such T-shirt

  18. What a cool idea! I love being able to create my own tshirts.

  19. cool shirt. please follow my blog


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