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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Exfolimate Face & Body Exfoliation

There are many ways to exfoliate – salt and sugar scrubs, loofahs and brushes – but these every day bath and body products do not effective target and remove all of the oils and debris that create these skin problems. That’s where your skin’s best mate, Exfolimate, comes in. Exfolimate is a new and innovative way to physically remove the dirt, oils and debris lingering on the outermost layer of your skin. With a gentle steel exfoliating edge and cell catching micro-grooves, Exfolimate glides along the contours of your skin to unveil the smoother, younger layers of skin hiding beneath.
Every Exfolimate tool comes with a handy hanging cord, so after you’ve finished rinsing your tool of any dirt, oils or debris, simply hang the tool in your shower or bath to dry.

  • Natural skin-rejuvenating exfoliation in the palm of your hand
  • Non-abrasive and won’t cut or scratch your skin
  • Ultra precise to target small crevices in the face and large sections of the body
  • Instant results every time – you actually see what is removed from your skin under the skin smoothing edge
  • Use pre-shave for a smoother shave and to lift ingrown hairs
  • Perfect pre-tan preparation for better spray tan results
  • At-home pedicure for touchable feet
  • Younger skin – naturally. Increase circulation to the capillaries for youngerlooking skin
  • Cleaner base for better cosmetics application
  • Easily remove lingering sun crème and oils right in the shower


1. Make sure your skin is wet and supple – it is suggested that you use Exfolimate towards the end of your shower or bath.

2. With either the face or body tool, using gentle pressure from your fingertips,gently glide the tool along the contours of your body at a 90-degree angle. It only takes a light amount of pressure to effectively use Exfolimate.

3. As you glide Exfolimate along your face and body, check under the smooth metal edge for any lingering residue. To remove the dead skin and debris, simple run the tool under warm running water. Make sure you repeat this step once you’ve exfoliated your entire body to keep the tool clean for your next use.

4. Once you’ve cleaned your Exfolimate, hang the tool to dry so it is ready and waiting to gently exfoliate your skin from top to toe.

My Experience:

It removes dead skin.
It helps to remove oil.
It leaves skin soft. 

Don't use it on daily basis as it having sharp edges.


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