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Friday, 1 June 2018

Rani Gold Herbal Whitening Cream

Friends I am back after long break. Now I will post regular n my blog. I have tried almost all night creams. I am using these creams from last 6 years. Alhamdulillah my face is fine with these night creams. I have heard a lot about Rani Gold Herbal Whitening Cream; so I decided to try this. After four days of regular use I feel a glow on my face. It adds brightness as well. Definitely its whitening cream so gives fair look.

My Thought:
Its a best and effective night cream.
I got mine in Rs. 200.
It adds a glow to face.
I have added a Janssen fairness injection along with 1 table spoon alove vera gel.
Its available in two packing.
Buy from reliable shopkeeper.

I have shared my personal experience. I don't want force you people  to use it. I am using night cream from long time. It is pertinent to mention here these creams fairness is not long lasting. As long you use it; it will give fairness. Once you quit you will back to your original complexion. hahah!! So I use these night creams on regular basis.

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  1. It's great that it works on you!
    Anyway, I just followed your blog, would you be kind enough to return the favor? Thank you!



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